Foxit Reader 5.0 is Out – Now Saves Currently Open Files Session, Ribbon UI, Skins Support and Other Enhancements

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For many users out there a good PDF reader installed on their system is absolutely essential mainly because PDF is the major format for exchanging documents these days . There are many free PDF readers available for Microsoft Windows. In the past, we have advocated use of Adobe Reader Lite version which cuts down the fat from THE most well known pdf reader/viewer available. As a result, lite version of the Adobe Reader had a much better performance. We also reviewed excellent PDF-XChange Viewer that includes not only covers the basics, but also includes many advanced features such as form filling, session saving , extraction of data from PDF files etc.

Personally, I still prefer the PDF-XChange Viewer. However, lately Foxit Reader is also improving at a rapid pace and now a new major release of Foxit Reader 5.0 is available. It includes a number of enhancements. Most important one for me is the inclusion of the session saving of the currently open PDF files if you like. Say if you have a lot of PDF files currently open, you can close the application and start it later and the previous session with all the open PDF files will resume! No need to reopen a dozen or so files again. This is similar to the tab session saving in modern web browsers. Foxit Reader 5.0 also incudes a brand-new Ribbon UI that can be enabled optionally from preferences. Furthermore, newer version supports skins, advanced search tool to search in the bookmarks and comments text, customizable shortcut keys and many other features such as XFA Form Filling.

image11 | Foxit Reader 5.0 is Out – Now Saves Currently Open Files Session, Ribbon UI, Skins Support and Other Enhancements

Here is the list of enhancements as provided by the developer:

Security. Version 5.0 is equipped to open documents created by Foxit’s PhantomPDF™ and protected by Microsoft’s Active Directory® Rights Management Service (AD RMS). This feature improves information security and helps companies meet compliance requirements.

XFA Form Filling. XFA form filling allows users to fill in and complete existing XFA forms electronically.

Productivity Features. Reader 5.0 provides users with productivity enhancements, including previews of PDF attachments in Microsoft Outlook and thumbnails of PDF files in Internet Explorer®. The Fit Visible feature fits the contents of a PDF page to the width of the user’s screen. The Split View capability divides the document pane into two or four panes to make content more easily accessible.

Enhanced User Interface. Version 5.0 incorporates the ribbon user interface technology to make finding menu items quick and easy. Users can choose the newer ribbon mode or the traditional, familiar pull-down menus of previous releases.

Enhanced Customization. With Reader 5.0 users can customize their own shortcut keys and can use skins to customize the look of the reader. Users can also use a new advanced-search tool to easily find bookmarks and commented text.


You can get the Foxit Reader 5.0 for free from official homepage.

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