June 2011

iPhone 4

Original iPhone was released back in 2007 if you remember the history well and now if you fast forward a bit finally this day iPhone has turned 4 years old. To celebrate the moment the guys at Mashable has designed an interesting infographic that cover all the key moments in the history of iPhone starting from the initial launch in US, UK, France all the way to the naming of the iPhone OS to iOS as (we know it today), and iPhone 4 availability on Verizon. You can also see some interesting stats about the App store, some fun facts Read More >


As we mentioned before that most of the sources in the industry agree that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 in the September time-frame. As the expected release date is closing in, all the rumors about the hardware specs and features of the flagship Apple smartphone are coming in full force. And that’s not all, as we are also now looking at some possible visual deigns for the upcoming Apple hardware. Once such concept design is put forward by the designer Michal Bonikowski in a number of pictures of the iPhone 5 that you can see below. Note Read More >


Apple didn’t release the iPhone 5 at WDDC 2011, and many in the industry were already aware that Apple is going to deviate from it’s usual iPhone release-cycle this time for a variety of reasons including giving the recently released white iPhone 4 more breathing space, and also taking some time out to polish the hardware and bring it to the level of other formidable smartphones from the Android world (Samsung Galaxy S2 comes to mind). However, most of the sources in the industry agree that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 in the September time-frame. As the Read More >


Wi-Fi Booster seems to be a useful tweak currently available right now through Cydia for iPhone users (or other iDevice users) that uses the Wi-Fi functionality of their devices heavily. Key feature of the Wi-Fi Booster is that it allows to show more Wi-Fi hotspots in the setting when connecting to give user more choice. This is possible because by default Apple puts threshold on the minimum signal strength that should be available for a  specific hotspot so that it can be made visible to the user in the Settings of the iOS. This avoids the the problems when a Read More >


A pileup of the newly released widgets for the iOS Notification Center continues… Now QuickComposer is another interesting widget that will be available soon through Cydia for the iOS 5 Notification Center. However, this one will be a paid app according to the info currently available. But as I can see it will be very useful and may be worth it, because as its name says it all, using this application you can quickly compose a new email, sms, note, tweet or a reminder without problem. It is being developed by the iHaz3  – a popular iOS developer. Here are Read More >


Soon after the retail availability of Samsung Galaxy S2, we published a detailed full root method for the Samsung Galaxy S2 using Odin. Then we brought you a guide on how to install the first ever custom ROM for your shiny new SGS2 in the form of VillainROM (v1.0)! Which was a pre-rooted ROM optimized for performance and with much greater scope for any upcoming tweaks. Later we presented a guide for installation for a recently released high performance custom ROM called Lightening Rom XWKE7 for your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). Installation for Lite’ning Rom v1.4 For Samsung Galaxy S2 Read More >

Nook Color Tweaks 1

Nook Color Tweaks is free application available from the Android market specifically for the rooted Nook Color running the CM7 kernel(nightly 88+) or Dalingrin’s OC kernel. Its an easy way to enable a number of very useful tweaks on your rooted Nook Color namely easy overclocking of the device to 1.3 GHz and above!, boost the speaker volume and reduce the hiss and noise of the headphones. Here are the features of the App in more detail as provided by the developer: *CPU speed per stepping. Allows you to overclock as much or as little as you want. *Headphone analog Read More >


If you remember some days ago we reported about a mobile Facebook widget accessible right from with in the iOS 5 Notification Centre called WeeFacebook. It was developed by the Manuel Gebele. Now the developer has tipped us that WeeFacebook 2.0 is available for download as a deb file. Since its an open source widget you can also access its source code from here. As explained by the author of the widget, new version includes a much better user experience. In particular, WeeFacebook 2.0 allows you to dynamically expand and shrink the widget so it does not fill the complete Read More >

Google translation

We have already covered a lot of widgets for the new iOS 5 Notification Center in a short time span after Apple released the first beta of iOS 5 to the developers. Some of these includes the UISettings,  WeeTwitter, WidgetTask, MusicCenter, SpringPrefs, RSSWidget and WeeFacebook. Today is the time for another widget that has been released recently for the iOS 5 betas called WeeTranslate. As its name implies basically it puts the Google translate at your finger tips (ah I mean in the new iOS 5 notification center!). It has been developed by an Italian developer named Simone (@sh1m3on). Here Read More >


Earlier in the day we reported the release of the iOS 5 beta 2 from Apple. This is available for the download right now and meant mainly for the developers. One of the features that have been turned-on this beta is the ability to wirelessly sync over wireless for any of your iDevice with the iTunes. In Apple’s words it allows to “cut the cord” to your PC. Its easy to enable but just in case here is the step-by-step procedure to do so: Requirements iOS 5 beta 2 must be already installed on your iDevice. You must also have Read More >

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