Directly Uninstall Any Software From a Windows Context Menu Using Menu Uninstaller [Tip]

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Normally, in Windows if you want to uninstall a program that you installed earlier, the only way to do is to launch the uninstall program and then select the desired program that you want to uninstall. There are of course some 3rd party applications available that includes some advanced options such as completely wiping the application data from registry, file system etc. in addition to the usual execution of uninstallation routine for the desired application (shareware Uninstall Tool comes to mind). But the fact is , it is not very convenient to first launch the uninstallation utility, locate the desired application and then uninstall it.

uninstallMenu | Directly Uninstall Any Software From a Windows Context Menu Using Menu Uninstaller [Tip]

Menu Uninstaller is a small utility for Windows based systems which makes the whole process of application uninstallation painless. After installation, it adds a context-menu entry in Windows explorer that can be used to quickly uninstall any application quickly and directly without launching any separate program to uninstall the application. A user just need to select the software shortcut icon ,click on the right mouse button and then choose "Uninstall", and that’s it! Menu Uninstaller does show a confirmation dialog just to avoid the accidental uninstallation of any application!

menu4 | Directly Uninstall Any Software From a Windows Context Menu Using Menu Uninstaller [Tip]

I think this application can come very handy for many Windows users who install and uninstall applications on regular basis (software junkies you know!). You can get it for free from here.

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