Hacked Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera APK: Higher Bitrate Video & Stereo Audio Quality & Other Tweaks!

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galaxys ii | Hacked Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Camera APK: Higher Bitrate Video & Stereo Audio Quality & Other Tweaks!Hi Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) lovers out there you must be feeling overloaded with flurry of hacks that are popping out for our beloved Samsung super phone, today we have another great hack for you guys that will allow to boost the audio/video quality of the already great 8MP camera on your device! We know that SG2 camera that can take great stills and videos both at 720p and 1080p. But you know there is always margin for the improvements. now an XDA forum member Potatoman has come up with a really great hacked camera application that improves on the stock camera application included in the Samsung Galaxy S2 in a number of ways. First of all, it will allow to record audio in 192kbps/44.1Khz quality and increased video bitrate for 720p and 1080p video recording modes!

Here are the features according to the developer:

- Allows use of the camera & camcorder at any battery life
- Records Audio in 192kbps/44.1Khz quality (CD Quality) rather than stock (64kbps/16khz quality)
- Increased Video Bitrate in 1080 and 720p modes* (See 2nd post for info and download link for this version)
- Optional No Sounds versions (for Standard and Highbit versions!). All of the features, None of the noise! Yes, even the autofocus noise is gone!
- HyperX-’s SuperHighBit version now available (See 2nd post for info and download link for this version)

Here is the guide to install it:

Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

Step 1: First download the desired camera.apk file from four listed below:

Note: HighBit versions has the 1080 and 720p modes set to a variable cap of 26mbps and 18mbps respectively, up from 17 and 12 in the stock version!

Step 2: Root your device. I you haven’t done already then please follow this guide:

How to Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and SuperOneClick ? 

Step 3: Install a file manager which lets you browse root.
Step 4: Now browse to /system/app, and rename your Camera.apk to Camera.apk.bak (for use as a backup)
Step 5: Unrar the APK file that you downloaded and selected to install. Password of the rar file is “potatoman@xda”.

Step 6: Copy it to /system/app.
Step 7: Rename it Camera.apk.
Step 8) Run it and "install" the apk file. Enjoy!


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  • Shell

    Hi, I followed the above, renaming and moving the stock camera.apk using File Expert in SuperUser mode (ES wouldn’t work for me). Copied the new .apk into system/app and got the error “problem parsing the package”. I tried to reverse the process and reinstall my original camera, but am getting the same parsing problem! I now have no camera function at all… Can anyone help?

  • Posti

    Hey, I have the same problem as Shell. When I copy the .apk file to my phone, it has the camera symbol and i can open it to install. But if I copy it to the system/app/ folder it has the android package symbol an when I try to open it, it says “problem parsing the package”. If I try to install it in another folder it starts normal but after the process it says “Application not installed”. Please help us!

  • unfazed

    did you guys fix your problem out?

  • Shell

    Hi unfazed! Yes. It’s to do with permissions. Right click and give the new apk all permissions, then it should install just fine. It’s an amazing improvement on the stock camera, and is well worth the effort!

  • Posti

    if you lose you camera just flash a new (or the same) firmware as it will install the stock camera app

  • Noob

    Does this mean that SGS2′s hardwares support for a stereo sound recording?
    Or, the result of the recording will may just be in “pseudo-stereo”?

    • Shell

      As far as I know, the SGS2 does not have a built-in stereo mic.

      • Foxdie

        Mostly incorrect, whilst there isn’t a dedicated stereo microphone, there are 2 microphones on the device, one on the top by the headphone socket for noise reduction and one on the bottom for speech. In theory, whilst the phone is in landscape this could be used to record stereo audio.

        I’m running this hacked camera apk now and I must note, the sound is noticeably higher in quality but it is still recorded in mono.

  • Ry

    Hi, total noob here just got the samsung s2 a few weeks back…. I’ve followed everthing successfully up to renaming the existing default camera.apk file, but it’s telling me it cannot rename the file? Obviously I cant continue until it’s renamed so would anyone know how to sort this? Cheers in advance

  • Posti

    If you are using FileExpert open the options menu ( “more” button bottom right), select mount, select “mount as read write”. Then you should be able to rename the file.

  • Bar

    Hello, I am also using File Explorer (I gave it SuperUser permission) but I can’t file the system folder?

    For what its worth, I have cyanogenmod7 on my S2.


  • Bar


    Hello, I am also using File Explorer (I gave it SuperUser permission) but I can’t file the system folder?For what its worth, I have cyanogenmod7 on my S2.Grts

    Okay. Root Explorer fixed this problem. I now have the problem that it doesn’t install it. I have placed it in /system/app and gave it ALL permissions but that doesn’t do the trick. Anybody that knows the answer for this?

  • Posti

    Well, that’s the part where i got stuck and reflashed the whole Firmware…

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  • moody

    Oh man.. I should ve known better. Same thing here. Backup – Copy – Set Permissions – No go.

    Whats worst, original wont work too…. joder

  • Pefi

    I copied, renamed, added executable permissions and after attempting to install:’ Application not installed”. Restoring with Titanium backup failed. Tried to set premissions as original camera (rw-r–r–) – didn’t help. Manual recovery worked. I’m running Cyanogenmod – might it be the problem?

    • Bar

      Cyanogenmod was the problem for me. I was able to install this .apk easily on other roms..

  • Gamris

    will this work on AT&T’s galaxy S2?

  • Md Iskandar

    you can download the software to access all your system folder from this web post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=19180964#post19180964

    then make sure you have rooted your GSII and just follow the instructions from the post above. it works!!!

  • Adam

    Works perfectly
    I used the rooting method described here

    and I use ES file browser to delete the camera sounds and rename the new APK

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  • Emiliano Parizzi

    Soundless HighBit  links are all broken, please re-upload.

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