8 Very Useful Relatively Unknown Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) Features!

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Tips | 8 Very Useful Relatively Unknown Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) Features!

I was stumbling across the XDA Developers forum today, and found an extremely interesting thread where people have posted some of the new feature discoveries in their shiny new Samsung Galaxy S2(SII) devices. Some of them are pretty useful and I am sure not everyone is familiar with them. Here I am posting some of the most interesting discoveries made by the users. Note that some of these tips may even work on the earlier Samsung Galaxy S or some other Samsung mobile devices as well. Just give them a go!

Feature 1

I just found this out, sorry if its already posted before
When you choose ‘phone’ to make a call, rather than going through contacts, you can use the numeric keypad and type the name of the person you want to contact.
Ie: you want to contact your mate chris.
you type 24747, from the moment you start typing the numbers your friend (chris) will come up as an option.
You can now tap on him and either choose call or sms

Feature 2

This is a big one: apparently Home + Power buttons = screenshot… I just heard about it. I live in America so haven’t used it.

Feature 3

Pressing power and volume keys in video player locks the screen

Feature 4

I don’t know if this was covered before. If you hold down the little dots on the home screen and slide them across, you can quickly move through all the screens. Very convenient and a feature that I am using often.

Feature 5

Some great tips so far. One that I’ve found is that you can launch a contextual search by holding down the menu button. Great for those of us coming from phones that had a separate button for this!

Feature 6

I’m currently using the htc inspire. The stock web browser allows you to pinch inwards to display all open tabs. This didn’t work on the captivate. Can anyone check this out?

Feature 7

I don’t know if they left this feature in, but in the original SGS if you hold your finger down on the notification bar after a few seconds it becomes a brightness scroll. You just move your finger left/right on the notification bar to decrease/increase the brightness. I think it only works if you enable/disable auto-brightness.

Feature 8

Also, you can pinch-zoom the app drawer…

As I said some of them are really useful. If want to catch the full list of tips & tricks head to the relevant thread on the XDA Developers forum.


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