Enable USB Host Support For Nook Color: Attach External Keyboard, Mouse or Webcam!

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nookcolor2 | Enable USB Host Support For Nook Color: Attach External Keyboard, Mouse or Webcam!There is some great development out there on the Nook Color Android development front. An XDA forum member named verygreen has managed to build a custom kernel for the Nook Color that enables the USB host support! Actually kernel is based on the modified version of the famous dalingrin’s kernel. Furthermore, it assumes that you have already installed CM7 on your device. Basic process involves the installation/flashing of the modified kernel provided by the developer, and then the installation of the provided application to enable the USB host support.

Then you need a kernel with usbhost enabled. I made a package that you can install onto emmc with CWM, or the same package could be installed on SD card if you use my installer. This package is only for CM7 users that already converted to .32 kernel. If you still run 2.6.29 kernel (ie CM7.0.3) – you need to upgrade to a fresh nightly like -87 or wait longer.
You can get the kernel here: http://nook.handhelds.ru/usbhost/upd…ost-2-emmc.zip

Of course, apart from modding the Nook Color software you will also need a microUSB to USB Female adapter such as the one like this.

Now as for the supported devices it seems to support a wide variety USB devices such as different mice, keyboard and Xbox PS3 controllers!

All keyboards should be supported. (the keymap in CM7 is a bit strange, though, you’ll see it).
All mice should be supported too, though I have not tried.
I enabled Xbox and PS3 controllers support, but have not tried.
Usb camera support – I only enabled UVC-compliant cameras (Microsoft Live cameras are compliant for example, probably many others). You also need specially built nigthtly with videocam support (try Camera app).
USB storage – generic support enabled, so should work for you.
Serial port support – only generic support enabled (I guess GPS devices mostly work as serial ports)
USB audio support enabled – not sure if the Android has any idea how to support it.

Another important note by the developer on the powered USB devices:

Note that only low power devices will work if you don’t have an externally powered hub. Don’t expect to be able to drive a cdrom or a hard drive out of just nook. 100mA is the current limit. (Current testing shows that if you use ISB hub, even unpowered, it hides this issue).

Head over to the associated thread and find the installation instructions and related discussions and updates.


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  • Lukas

    unfortunately, the download link does not work. anybody knows another location to get these files ?

  • Dan

    so, does this mean that NC can be made to work with an external, USB GPS receiver? I have one that needs a driver to be recognized under windows; the driver makes the USB port into a serial port, so the nav software can “talk” to the receiver. Will this work in the same way on the nook color?

  • A Land

    I know this thread is old but it is where I kept landing searching on this subject. To enable usb host on your rooted nook color down load Nook Tweaks App. You may need to move up to CM7.1.

    • gris

      Hi! it happen the same thing as you, i search about usb host for nook color and i get to this threads with broken links. Do you know if i use Cyanogenmod 7.1.0 (stable version) i have usb host support? i tried to connect a usb keyboard only installing Nook Color Twaks and activating usb hots, but nothing happens.

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