How to Improve Audio Quality of Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) via DSP Manager & CyanogenMod 7 Music Player

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audio | How to Improve Audio Quality of Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) via DSP Manager & CyanogenMod 7 Music Player

Audio quality on the newly released Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) is already pretty good, but according to the an XDA member risq audio quality, bass and clarity can be improved notably, provided you install the newly ripped DSP Manager and CyanogenMod 7 Music Player by him. Please note that installation of these apps require the SG2 device to be rooted. You can follow our guide to do so: How to Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and SuperOneClick.

SC20110507 234457 | How to Improve Audio Quality of Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) via DSP Manager & CyanogenMod 7 Music Player

This what he had to say about it:

Just to confirm, that I have DSP Manager and the CM7 Music player on my SGSII and the audio output difference is Amazing. A lot more bass, louder and even clearer than stock.
if you like your audio, it’s highly recommended you do it



As for the instructions they are as follows as provided by the risq himself:

Instructions – Root explorer (Requires root)
copy both the files to your SD Card (DSPmanager.apk and music.apk)
1.Load Root Explorer. Go into System -> apps
2.Scroll down till you see the music player.apk file.
3.Select and hold down until a pop up appears.
4.Select "Rename"". Add .bak to the file, so it reads music player.apk.bak.
5.Select the file again as above, but now select move.
6.Press the back key until you go back to the system root (/) and then go go the SDcard folder.
7.Select Paste. You now have your original player backed up and safe if you wish to revert.
8.Now install the Music.apk.
9.Now install DSPmanager.apk.

As you can see instructions are pretty straight forward to follow.

[Credit goes to risq]

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  • Mac

    Thanks for the great atricle, I felt the quality of the music playing through the samsung player wasnt the best. Now there is an improvement!

    As a completely different question, The theme/colours as shown in the article of the SGS2, all black etc as it is shown? How/where can I make my phone look like that? I find it very visually appealing. Forgive me if its a silly question but I’ve only just got my phone and am new to hacking things about. Any poiters would be appreciated?


  • eteh

    Does not work. “DSP manager” –> “problem parsing the file”
    music.apk –> “not installed”

    • service110

      You must reboot, befor install.

  • george

    i cant install music apk and could.t understan why to move it?

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