Fix Memory Leaks in Firefox Using Firefox Plumber

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firefox4 | Fix Memory Leaks in Firefox Using Firefox PlumberFirefox Plumber is an interesting new application that claims to fix the memory leak issues that Firefox is historically famous for. Although, with each new upcoming version Mozilla has improved the memory management of the browser and less and less bugs remain there. However, even if you use the latest Firefox 4 and make heavy use of it by opening many tabs with multimedia rich content and for sure after say an hour memory consumption shoots to 500MB or even more. This is particularly true if you happen to use a lot extensions like me to customize different aspects of the browser to your taste.

I am not completely sure how Firefox Plumber really fix the memory leaks as I haven’t tested it personally so far. However, it seems that there is some kind of memory optimization algorithm that runs after every fixed interval that does the trick. Download itself is tiny few 100 KB file. So, if you decide to give it a go, do lets us know that if it does make a difference or it is like all other utilities that claim this but never fulfill the promise.

You can download Firefox Plumber directly from here.

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