iOS 5 vs iOS 4: A Summary of What’s New [Infographic]

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These days all the buzz is about the shiny new iOS 5 revealed by Apple at WWDC 2011 a couple of days back. Judging just by the number of new features cooked in to it, it seem to be the single largest iOS update ever! Although, it has be said that many of the new features have to do something with “catching up” to Android. A phrase by Picasso made famous later on by the Steve Jobs “Good artists copy great artists steal” can be seen in all it’s glory in iOS 5! Well, before it gets too much I will stop on this by saying that I love both Android and iOS more less the same. It’s all about the diversity and competition that brings us the goods.

Anyway, we all know that what’s new in iOS 5 in case someone missed it, he can take a look at the detailed roundup of the best new features in iOS 5 that we published yesterday. Today, I just stumbled across a very nice Infographics posted by the guys at the Huffington Post that basically summarizes all the key features introduced by Apple in iOS 5 over the iOS 4 in a nice tabular view. I think it don’t cover everything, for example text shorts, photo streams, and some other, but all major features touted by Apple are indeed there.

Have a look:

ios 5 vs ios 4 | iOS 5 vs iOS 4: A Summary of What’s New [Infographic]


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