Use Your USB Flash Drive With iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using i-Flash Drive

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i FlashDrive iphone usb | Use Your USB Flash Drive With iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Using i Flash Drive

If you have run out of space on your iPhone or any other iDevice then normally there is no other option except to delete some of the existing data to make space for the new files. Problem is iDevices don’t allow to expand the memory via external SD Cards etc., a thing that is quite common on the Android based phones. However, a company Photo Fast is introducing an interesting solution called i-Flash Drive to satisfy all your extra memory requirements. i-Flash Drive allows to connect the external USB drives via device which is more of a USB dongle with typical 30 pin Apple connector on one side to connect to the iDevice and a USB interface on the other side. i-Flash Drive comes with it’s own free application to manage the storage on the flash drive. Application can be downloaded for free from iTunes App store. Application allows to do file browsing, perform common file operations, contacts backup and native MP3 playback.

i-Flash Drive is not available yet but should be released in US in August sometime. It will come in three different versions ranging from 8GB at $95 all the way up to 32GB at $180.

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