Install Notion Ink Adam Apps Ported For Viewsonic G Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook Color

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Notion Ink Adam tablet may not have received the rave reviews as the Bangalore based company might have expected, but there is no denying that some of the apps included in the tablet were innovative and didn’t follow the crowd. gojimi from the XDA forum has spent some time and ported some of those nice apps from the tablet to the Viewsonic G Tablet and providing us the download links. According to him they should work with any ROM. A lot of apps are actually included including the calculator, email, Notion Ink Colander, Canvas App etc.

sniffer1 | Install Notion Ink Adam Apps Ported For Viewsonic G Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook Color

maild1 | Install Notion Ink Adam Apps Ported For Viewsonic G Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook Color

maild2 | Install Notion Ink Adam Apps Ported For Viewsonic G Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nook Color

Here are the apps with the download links (all credit goes to gojimi):

Please make note of the fact that not all of them will work flawlessly with every ROM, for example some may work better with the newer versions of the CM7. gojimi mentioned that he will continue to port and update the apps on this thread, so you can check it on a regular basis to find the updates and follow any further discussions or instructions.

Now on the topic of Notion Ink Apps, d3vmax an XDA forum member from another thread has tried the above ported apps on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and posted his experience in the thread. According to his experience on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Calculator, Keyboard, Sniffer and Quick Office are working flawlessly. Of course, your experience might vary depending on the ROM and other factors, but you might want to try the above apps on your Galaxy Tab as well if you are interested.

Just for the more info this is what d3vmax had to say about the compatibility of these apps:

The result:

  • Canvas – Hangs and crashes
  • Calculator – Works, but the numbers when typed get cut off at the top and the background on fullscreen looks unfinished as it was not made for the tab. I suggest using TI-86 calculator for the Galaxy tab meanwhile (free from the market).
  • Browser – Didn’t try it as it replaces the stock browser. Root may be required as the tab wont allow you to replace system apps. I have just rooted my tab and loving it. Will give it a go and update here or on my blog later.
  • Calendar – Has issues as mentioned by gojimi himself. Did not try it on tab.
  • Keyboard – Works flawlessly. Love it. More like a PC keyboard. Update: In portrait mode the keyboard is quite tiny.
  • Mail – Requires root, so did not try it. Someone suggested it is developed upon K-9 email app.
  • Sniffer – Lovely app. Great visuals. Can browse through your files and you can see the list of apps installed which enables you to open the apps from there or uninstall them.
  • Quickoffice – Office app. Opens word, excel, Powerpoint and pdf files. Very smooth.
  • Mail – requires root, did not try it.


Finally, now regarding our beloved Nook Color GarJones27 is reporting that Email App works great but the Calendar and Calculator didn’t work for him. He didn’t test the Browser, Sniffer, Keyboard, or Canvas applications. However, from the users posting on this thread they have different experiences for example one managed to run the Quick Office on the Nook Color:

UPDATE: I was able to install Quick Office HD. You must uninstall Quick Office (Barnes & Noble Version) via Titanium Backup then go ahead and install the Notion Ink Quick Office HD and you should be good to go. It works very nice too, optimized for tablets like the Mail’d app.

So similar to the other tablets, you experience for the Nook Color may vary case to case.

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