Root Nook Touch: Kindle App, ADW Launcher, Angry Birds Installation Achieved & Working Bluetooth!

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nook touch kindle | Root Nook Touch: Kindle App, ADW Launcher, Angry Birds Installation Achieved & Working Bluetooth!

Well, this was going to happen eventually, but now the newly released Nook Touch (NT) by the B&N has been hacked by a guy named JesusFreke! The first things that he did after the rooting – you can easily guess is of of course the installation of Angry Birds and have some fun! There is a demo video posted by him on YouTube that is embedded below. As you will notice from the video that animations flash a lot and screen updates are very slow, even worse the scrolling is horrible. This is to be expected because Nook Touch is a cheap E-Reader with monochrome screen suitable for book reading in the same league as the Amazon Kindle, NOT exactly a device to play Angry Birds. So, don’t’ expect this to be your next “Nook Color”. JesusFreke has also posted detailed instructions for the rooting of the Nook Touch, if you want to give it a go by yourself. You can follow his detailed guide here.

Now the even more recent news on this front is that people has been able to install Kindle on the device, as well as ADW Launcher (that should make launching the 3rd party apps a breeze)! This is quite a progress in such a short time. You can see the video below for Kindle running on the Nook Touch:

Now for the most interesting bit, it has been confirmed that Nook Touch includes a Bluetooth chip, apparently it seems to be working! Although, it hasn’t been tested so far by pairing with any device but it is indeed great news and it should significantly enhance the possibilities to attach external accessories with the Nook Touch.

BTW, if you own a Nook Color, you might want to head over to the Nook Color section on our website for all the latest tips&trick, latest rooting guides etc.


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  • Gan Uesli Starling

    Broken link in 1st paragraph: “You can follow his detailed guide here.” Got “404 Not Found” on clicking “here”.

    Very interested in rooting my Nook BNRV300 Simple Touch but so far no luck on instructions that work.

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