Bulk Remove Stock Samsung Apps (Crap) From Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) [How to]

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If you are a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) phone, then you will know that this phone for the obvious reason comes with many stock Samsung branded apps that you might not be needed by the user. Or may be you want to replace these with some other apps from the Android Market with batter feature-set. If this is the case and you want to bulk remove the Samsung applications from Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) here is simple guide to do so.

Script Manager 1 | Bulk Remove Stock Samsung Apps (Crap) From Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) [How to]Script Manager 2 | Bulk Remove Stock Samsung Apps (Crap) From Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) [How to]

Don’t forget that you must have a rooted Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) phone to perform the procedure. If you haven’t already rooted your device then follow our guide: How to Root Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) Using Odin and SuperOneClick ? After that follow this simple guide:

Step 1: First download this text file that contains the list of Samsung apps that will be removed. Of course, you can manually edit this file to customize the list of apps that you want (or don’t want) to remove. Now copy the file to your phone SDcard.

Step 2: Now install the Script Manager that can be installed for free from Market.

Step 3: Start Script Manager and point it to the script file and tick to box to run as root.

Step 4: Hit the Run!

Step 5: Enjoy!

[All the credit goes to saquib from the XDA forums]

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  • chris hamilton

    I cant seem to get this to work on anything. Have also tried putting the text to terminal emulator. just comes up with read only and fails. It wont run at all on the script manager.

    • Yapooza

      I cant get it working either, the script manager just sits there doing nothing.

  • emway

    Nice, thanks!

  • http://keepskatinbro.com trusktr

    I have a question: If you remove TouchWiz Launcher, then how will you be able to launch anything or navigate your Galaxy S2?? Will it be replaced with the default Android Launcher??

    • http://galaxys2apps.net/ apps for galaxy s2

      You can use a custom launcher like goLauncher! Make sure it’s set to default before you remove TouchWiz though.

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