Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery For Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) [How to]

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ClockworkMod Recovery Logo Large | Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery For Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) [How to]ClockworkMod or CWM as they call it allows you to flash custom ROMs. backup or perform other advanced maintenance operations on your Android device. codeworkx from the XDA forums has created a CWM for the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) that will be used to power the upcoming CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) that we have already talked about a few days back.

If you want you can install it right away as ClockworkMod is available right now for download provided by the developer. First download it from here, and then follow the instructions as provided by the developer himself. You also need to download the Odin. Get it here.

Instructions (Provided by developer)

  • Power your device off
  • Boot into Download-Mode using Volume Down + Home + Power
  • Hit Volume Up to accept the warning
  • Start Odin
  • Choose "GT-I9100_ClockworkMod-Recovery_X.X.X.X.tar" as PDA (no repartition)
  • Connect your Phone
  • Start flashing
  • After reboot you can easily root your device using SuperOneClick

How to Use

  • Volume Up + Home + Power brings your Phone into Recovery Mode.
  • Use Volume Keys to navigate and Power Button to select.

Instructions are pretty self explanatory. However, if you have some confusion about the use of Odin then refer to our earlier guide on rooting the Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) to get the idea. In fact this guide provided by the developer is similar to the one that we brought you before to root SGS2, except that you MUST USE the tar file that you download above instead of the one provided in our earlier guide. You can follow the thread for further discussions and updates.

[Credit goes to codeworkx ]

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  • Ersan

    Hey guys!

    I’ve got some problems installing the recovery img. Odin doesn’t set up a connection. I just stucks on the “SetupConnection” line and doesnt go any further

    My SGS2 is already rooted. And I’ve noticed that the drivers (in recovery mode) are different now(“SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device”) after I’ve rooted the phone. I just can’t manage to change the drivers back to “Android phone”.

    Could this be the reason why Odin doesn’t complete the installation? And how can I solve this problem?

  • Russg

    If l’ve already rooted my phone using your previously mentioned superoneclick method, can I just apply this over the top or are additional steps required? Thanks.

    • JJ

      Also first gained root acces using the superoneclick method, just apply this one top didn’t give me any problems at all!

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  • amjad

    thnx a lot ,it’s works great in my Galaxy s2

  • ferdzzz

    Hi, can someone help, after I installed this my SGS2 is now stuck in the GS2 logo and won’t proceed to boot up.

    Please help
    unfortunately my old backup is not working saying MD5 mismatch :(

    • benz

      HELP!!! I have the same problem.

    • Suhaaschitturi

      Wipe Data And Cache.

  • iqbal

    okay, I rooted my SGS2 using this method: is it safe for me to flash CWM over it?

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  • Andy

    @Iqbal and anyone else wondering. You can still use CWM over the top of it, I just did that and its installed the recovery, I can now backup and do everything I need to buy booting into recovery

  • Solidsnake

    Thanks worked great on my galaxy S2

  • greg

    I flashed a different kernel with CWM and now get a code signature error in recovery and only get stock recovery (useless). Can I flash this over to fix the previous error, or should I get back to stock and start over? Already rooted with stock bootloaders.

  • Andrew


    HELP!!! I have the same problem.

    Me 2

  • Amit

    Thanks a lot for your info. I have succesfully installed cwm and a new rom by following your instructions. I just have another question on a  need to know basis. Now that the device loads in  cwm recovery, how do I revert back to the orignal android recovery, if & when I have to flash the stock rom using odin?

  • Jamil Ranchi88

    hi guys

    i rooted S2 by this guide

    it worked fine, 

    downloaded ROM manager app, flash clockworkmod recovery, selected S2, successfully downloaded clockworkmod recovery. then reboot to recovery via CWM app. 

    went to the recovery with menu 

    android system recovery

    reboot system now
    apply update from sdcard
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition

    with message sayings

    E:failed to verify whole file signature 
    E: Signature verification failed

    i managed rooted and installed custom ROM’s on G1 and desire without any problems in the past. 

    i have no idea why it wouldnt work on S2

    any help would be brilliant thanks

  • Nadeem Jabbar Qureshi

    Please help. My device is not stuck at boot with a yellow warning sign. I can’t do anything with it now.

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