Setup Nook Color USB Drivers and ADB [Script]

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Flash Drive U32 | Setup Nook Color USB Drivers and ADB [Script]Well, its not exactly something new but I only noticed it recently that xboxexpert from XDA forums has provided the Nookcolor USB drivers, and drivers for other components of the device to properly install and setup ADB in Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7). Drivers are around 6MB in size. You can get the USB drivers file here. During Nookcolor setup you need to use the provided drivers. In the attached zip file a .bat file is present (after extraction) that you need to run and will provide all the instructions. Contents from the .bat file are also embedded below:

@echo off
echo *****************************************
echo * We will create the directory .Android *
echo *  We will also create the adb_usb.ini  *
echo *****************************************
md "%USERPROFILE%/.Android"
echo 0×2080 > "%USERPROFILE%\.Android\adb_usb.ini"
echo Success
ping -n 2 >NUL
echo **************************************************
echo * We will open Device Manager for you…         *
echo * You should see Android Composite ADB Interface *
echo * It will be under Andriod Phone.                *
echo **************************************************
echo ************************************************************
echo * If you don’t see it go find "USB Mass Storage Device"    *
echo * It will be under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers"      *
echo * Double click it and goto the "Details Tab"               *
echo * Drop down to Hardware Ids and look for "VID_2080"        *
echo * If you don’t see it check another USB Storage Controller *
echo * Once you find the correct one…Uninstall it!            *
echo ************************************************************
echo **************************************************************
echo * Once your done uninstalling click on "Action"…           *
echo * Click on "Scan for Hardware Changes"                       *
echo * It now should find new hardware and fail to install "Nook" *
echo *                                                            *
echo * Install "Nook" with the drivers I provided in this pack.   *
echo * You can find the fixed drivers in the "usbdrivers" folder. *
echo * After your done you should have adb access through DOS!    *
echo **************************************************************


Just follow the instructions provided and you should be able to install the USB drivers and setup the ADB in no time!

If you own a Nookcolor and interested in rooting or learning new hacks, tips&tricks for this amazing device then don’t forget to visit the Nook section on our website!


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  • AL

    Still cant get it to recognize my nook as an android.
    Where could i find the drivers


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