Get Swype Keyboard on iPhone (iOS Device) Using ShapeWriter Pro [How to Guide]

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We all know there are handful of powerful and feature rich keyboards that are available for the Android. But when it comes to the Android third party keyboards, Swype is the first thing that comes to mind. Swype is indeed one of the most well-known and used keyboards available for the Android. Actually, it provides a faster and easier way to input text on screen. With one continuous finger motion across the screen keyboard, it allows users to input words faster and easier than many other data input methods. As you can see the input method is indeed a lot different from the traditional keyboards, and as such may not be everyone’s ball game. However, as I see majority of people does feel that it accelerate their typing through the tiny keyboard on a smartphone. Although, it can also be used on the tablets, but that’s a different story as I am not sure if it is useful on the tablets in the same way as it is on small 3.5 to 4-inch screens.

ShapeWriter 1 | Get Swype Keyboard on iPhone (iOS Device) Using ShapeWriter Pro [How to Guide]ShapeWriter 2 | Get Swype Keyboard on iPhone (iOS Device) Using ShapeWriter Pro [How to Guide]

One of the things that I get’s annoyed is there is no such Swype keyboard available for the iDevices like iPhone in iOS. I think this is one area where iDevices are really lacking. However, surprisingly it seems no one is complaining, and No you are not going to see this in the iOS 5 either! We still have to settle with the same boring old keyboard on the iPhone.

But anyway, I was recently surprised to know that in that past there was indeed one application named ShapeWriter Pro that did provide the Swype keyboard input functionality on the iDevices and was approved by Apple to be published on the App store! Unfortunately, ShapeWriter Pro is no longer available on the App Store, as it has been taken down by the Apple. But if you install this application you know named install0us, then you can get by searching it from inside the application for the ShapeWriter. To install the install0us in the first place you need to add the to your Cydia sources. And then just search for the install0us in Cydia and install the app. Of course, install0us requires your iDevice to be jailbroken first. For that you can follow a suitable guide for your iOS version and device in the jailbreak section on our website.

Note that information about the install0us is merely provided for the informational purposes ONLY. We are strictly against any idea to install any pirated apps using this or any other app for that matter.

Some of the features as mentioned by the developers are as follows:

* Automatic spacing and capitalization
* Case key for cycling through all possible capitalization cases
* Highlight/selection by double tap or sliding over text
* Command strokes (e.g. Cmd-c-o-p for copy)
* Backup all notes via email
* Rearrange notes order manually (Click Edit button)
* Automatic correction of common misspellings
* Practice game and competitive scoreboard posting
Pro version only features:
* Landscape mode and orientation lock
* Sorting notes in any order (by date or title)
* Ruling lines on/off switch (from iPhone Settings>ShapeWriter)
* Customizable fonts (from iPhone Settings>ShapeWriter)
* Customizable notes colors (from iPhone Settings>ShapeWriter)
* Notes password protection
* Notes content search
* SMS texting support

I would like to mention that since this app is meant to be for the non jailbroken iDevices, so it will NOT replace the native keyboard on the iOS (in a way as we can on Android). It will just behave like an app. You will have to launch the ShapeWriter and type all the text and then paste in to the desired app.

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  • Andre Galiber

    Shapewriter is a very nice program. It’s too bad iTunes no longer carries this very useful program. It is the best way of composing letters. I actually prefer it to my computer.

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