Install DEB and IPA Files Easily, Browse and Install Cydia Packages From PC to iPhone, iPod Touch [How to]

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image13 | Install DEB and IPA Files Easily, Browse and Install Cydia Packages From PC to iPhone, iPod Touch [How to]

Usually, we install the apps to our iOS devices through the Apple App store application directly on the iPhone for example, or they can be installed and synced through the iTunes. Similarly, in case if you have jailbroken your iPhone (or any other iDevice) then you are most probably going to install some jailbreak apps or tweaks on your device. And Cydia is the main place from where you do so. Most of the times this setup works pretty fine, but what about the cases when you want to install some IPA files (extensions for Apple App Store applications), or DEB files (extensions used usually for Cydia Apps) that are already lying there on your computer downloaded from other source? You might have download this apps directly on your computer in case you don’t have a Wi-Fi (or 3G) connection on your iPhone, but you still want to install the desired packages on your iDevice. Of course, there are a number of ways to install these DEB or IPA files on your device that I have found on the Internet. However, many methods in particular for installing the DEB files are pretty complicated for the new users, as they might require to SSH in to your phone and play around with the command line, place files through the file manager and so on. But an application named iSpirit that I discovered recently makes all of this and much more – a child’s play!

iSpirit 1 | Install DEB and IPA Files Easily, Browse and Install Cydia Packages From PC to iPhone, iPod Touch [How to]

iSpirit is an application that is available for free for Windows and best of all it is under active development. It allows to perform a number of useful operations on your iDevice. Probably most useful for many users might be the easy installation of DEB and IPA files on your iDevice. All you have to do is to select a .DEB/.IPA file you want to install. Click the button "Install" then iSpirit will install it for you (see the picture below)! It also includes a powerful file manager, as well as a full fledged App Manager, which Shows Cydia sources, installed packages and list of various categories to download and install Apps from Cydia to iDevice directly from the connivance of your computer! This can come particularly handy for the users that don’t have an active Internet connection on their iDevice. It includes many features to control your iPhone through the PC including Restart Springboard, shutdown iPhone, reboot iPhone, support to manage iPhone through the Command-Line (i.e. SSH). There are many other interesting and useful features including the Winterboard Theme Manager and so on, that I leaving for you to explore! You can connect iDevice to iSpirit through the Wi-Fi or USB cable.

iSpirit 2 | Install DEB and IPA Files Easily, Browse and Install Cydia Packages From PC to iPhone, iPod Touch [How to]

This one is highly recommended for any iDevice power user! Note that iSpirit requires .NET framework and iTunes to be installed on the system and is compatible with Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7. You can get the iSpirit for free from the official website.

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