Protect Your USB Stick/Flash Drive Contents via USB Write Protect [Tip]

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Flash memory is getting cheaper & cheaper with each passing day, and no wonder that we can buy these flash drives with large amounts of capacity for very low prices these days. Now many years have actually passed since the USB flash drives have taken over the traditional floppy disks that we used to see in the good old days. And why not these USB flash drives offer higher capacity, speed and reliability (with no mechanical part). Surprisingly one features that USB flash drives have not inherited from floppy disks is the write protection switch that was actually a very useful feature. In particular if you are going to attach a USB flash drive to a computer which you suspect is infected with some virus for example, you would like your flash drive to be in write-protect mode to not pick some infection from the host PC.

USB Write Protect | Protect Your USB Stick/Flash Drive Contents via USB Write Protect [Tip]

Now you can get this useful feature on the USB flash drive via a free application very appropriately called USB Write Protect that after execution will detect any USB flash drive that you insert and allows to enable (or disable) the write protection through the interface (see above picture). So, after that you can use your flash drive anywhere without worries to be getting infected.

You can get the USB Write Protect for free from the developer’s home page.

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