Install Hacked TouchWiz 4 Launcher On Any Android Device With Extra Features!

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TouchWiz 4 thumb | Install Hacked TouchWiz 4 Launcher On Any Android Device With Extra Features!

The guys at the XDA forums has managed to hack the TouchWiz 4 from Samsung Galaxy SII and after the addition of some cool new features made it available for any Android device with the armv7 processor and Android Froyo or higher installed! Hacked TW4 now includes integrated some very useful settings that can accessed via pressing menu, then preferences and there you can adjust lots of settings.

Here are some of the features now integrated in this modded TouchWiz 4:

  • App Drawer
    • Number of apps per page
    • Number of app columns
    • Sort order (normal/alphabetical, alphabetical will be forced after reboot/changing from normal to alphabetical)
    • Enable/disable app backdrops
    • Enable/disable 3D effect for backdrops
  • Badge Counter
    • enable/disable unread g-mail counter (specify accounts to show counter for)
    • enable/disable unread sms counter or Samsung Counter
  • Themes
    • You can combine themes (e.g. a full theme and then apply just a dock theme)
  • EXTRA Stuff:
    • Resizing for all widgets enabled (long press widget and then drop it without moving)
    • Scrolling widgets are supported (currently not recommended to use though, lags when scrolling)

Here are the installation instructions as posted by the developer:

  • Install the in recovery (also contains ShareApp.apk; this will remove the old twlauncher, so make sure you have another launcher as backup installed!) or
  • install the launcher as normal app. This will have some restrictions: for example it cannot uninstall apps (not really tested; only possible if you don’t already have a twlauncher installed!)

You can download the here (to use via recovery as motioned above), or alternatively download this app (apk) file to install on your Android based device as a normal application to get the TouchWiz 4 working. Here is a link to the Samsung Widgets.

Head over to the XDA forums for further discussions, updates and details about the hacked TouchWiz 4.

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