Install MIUI ROM Port For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) (Alpha)! [How to]

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MIUI | Install MIUI ROM Port For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) (Alpha)! [How to]MIUI these days has become one of the most well known and sought after ROM distribution for all the devices for which its available. Its developed and released by the Chinese developers with the official website at In terms of popularity its in the same vein as CyanogenMod another community driven ROM, although CyanogenMod (CM) is available for more Android devices than this one. There is no doubt that in recent times because of the increasing popularity, the number of devices for which MIUI is available has increased substantially.

There has been a lot anticipation that some day you know we will have a port of the MIUI for our beloved and currently THE best phone on the planet namely Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). And a developer from the XDA forums named bmarko82 has done wonders for us by brining a first working port of MIUI for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)! Yes you heard it right! Ok for now this MIUI port is till in alpha according to the developer, but its quite an achievement I think to even have something like MIUI working of the SGS2 in such a short time after the release of the device.

Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

As mentioned by the developer following is working for now:

- rom boots up
- screen
- hardware keys
- internal storage, SD-card
- Bluetooth

However, as you might expect because of the alpha nature of the port as of now there are many things that are NOT working. Have a look at the following list:

- boot logo
- phone, mobile data connection
- Wi-Fi
- sound and others i forget

Developer is hard at work to make these things work. But according to a video posted by the developer it seems that MIUI is running pretty smoothly on the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) without any slowdowns or hiccups (the thing that we used to know and love about MIUI). This teaser video published by developer is embedded below:

You can download the alpha version (1.6.17) from here. As for the installation its pretty straight forward. All you have to do is to download and flash the ROM through the CWM. Here are the instructions as posted by the developer:

- Reboot to CWM ( i tested it with
- wipe /data, /system, /cache, and Dalvik cache
- install zip from SD-card, select

You might want to take a look at the article: Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery For Samsung Galaxy S2 (II). If you are new to Android you can also take a look at the article: [Guide] How to Flash A Custom ROM On Any Android Phone Safely: A Complete Step-by-Step Tutorial. Also, have a look at the A Collection of 10 Best MIUI Themes For Your Android Phone!

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