Show Tabs in Titlebar to Save Vertical Space in Firefox [Tip]

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One of the focus areas for many developers in the recent times for almost all of the major web browsers has been to find ways to minimize the use of vertical space that has traditionally been cluttered by the toolbars, bookmark bars, address bar and so on. Internet Explorer 9 is the recent example, just observe that how minimalistic is the GUI to maximize the vertical space available to show the currently open webpage. Firefox has also been following on the footsteps. In fact, in Firefox you can always customize the GUI and strip-off or move around some of the GUI elements that are not needed using the third party extensions.

Tabs Always In Titlebar thumb | Show Tabs in Titlebar to Save Vertical Space in Firefox [Tip]

Tabs Always In Titlebar is one such extension that allows you to maximize the vertical space by moving the tabs bar and integrating it right with in the title bar! As you know there is some vertical real-estate in the title-bar that was not used otherwise, now that can be used to show tabs using this extension. It can save you a few inches more of your vertical space, which is particularly valuable in this era of wide-screen displays. Have a look at the picture above to get the idea. In fact, this is the only feature that is provided by this tiny extension but very useful one I would say.

For more advanced users you can play around with the extensions.tabsalwaysintitlebar.offset property in about:config to to move the tabs closer to the top by increasing this value, or use negative value to move them down.

You can download the Tabs Always In Titlebar for Firefox from here. BTW it should work with Firefox 5 and upcoming Firefox 6 and 7 as well!

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