Nook Color Tweaks: Overclock to 1.3ghz+, Boost Speaker Volume, Reduce Hiss & Noise of Headphones

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Nook Color Tweaks 1 | Nook Color Tweaks: Overclock to 1.3ghz+, Boost Speaker Volume, Reduce Hiss & Noise of HeadphonesNook Color Tweaks 2 | Nook Color Tweaks: Overclock to 1.3ghz+, Boost Speaker Volume, Reduce Hiss & Noise of Headphones

Nook Color Tweaks is free application available from the Android market specifically for the rooted Nook Color running the CM7 kernel(nightly 88+) or Dalingrin’s OC kernel. Its an easy way to enable a number of very useful tweaks on your rooted Nook Color namely easy overclocking of the device to 1.3 GHz and above!, boost the speaker volume and reduce the hiss and noise of the headphones.

Here are the features of the App in more detail as provided by the developer:

*CPU speed per stepping. Allows you to overclock as much or as little as you want.
*Headphone analog gain
*External speaker analog gain
*DAC gain
*USB Host control(requires OC kernel 06/18/11+)
*U-Boot control(courtesy of FatTire)

If you are wondering what are the advantages of this app as compared to the other more generic apps available in the Market to increase the volume then here is some explanation from developer:

The primary advantage to using this app versus other more generic apps you might find in the market is that this app makes low level changes in the driver to increase volume. Other apps must make these changes in software to be hardware agnostic. This leads to reduced audio quality versus hardware level changes.

You can download the Nook Color Tweaks for free from here in the Android Market. Don’t forget that you will need a rooted device as well as supported kernel. Please have a look at the Nook Color section in our website to find a suitable guide as we have a large number of guides available to root and install the CM7 and it’s variants both to eMMC and SDcard.

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