Enhance Wi-Fi Signal Strength & Show More Wi-Fi Hotspots on Your iPhone Using Wi-Fi Booster

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wifibooster1 thumb | Enhance Wi Fi Signal Strength & Show More Wi Fi Hotspots on Your iPhone Using Wi Fi Booster

Wi-Fi Booster seems to be a useful tweak currently available right now through Cydia for iPhone users (or other iDevice users) that uses the Wi-Fi functionality of their devices heavily. Key feature of the Wi-Fi Booster is that it allows to show more Wi-Fi hotspots in the setting when connecting to give user more choice. This is possible because by default Apple puts threshold on the minimum signal strength that should be available for a  specific hotspot so that it can be made visible to the user in the Settings of the iOS. This avoids the the problems when a user connects the device to a Wi-Fi hotspot which has a weak signal. However, this restriction can limit the number of hotspots that are shown in the Settings. Wi-Fi Booster simply removes this threshold restriction on the signal strength and shows all the Wi-Fi hotspots even if they have weak signal. Another useful feature is that it shows the Mac address of each hotspot right below the name of the hotspot in the enumerated list.

You can get the Wi-Fi Booster right now from the Cydia for a price of $1.99. Of course, you will need to have jailbroken iDevice for this tweak to install.


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