Install TK-ROM v0.3.3 – XXKF2 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Includes CWM4 & Other Popular Tweaks [Guide]

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Soon after the retail availability of Samsung Galaxy S2, we published a detailed full root method for the Samsung Galaxy S2 using Odin. Then we brought you a guide on how to install the first ever custom ROM for your shiny new SGS2 in the form of VillainROM (v1.0)! Which was a pre-rooted ROM optimized for performance and with much greater scope for any upcoming tweaks. Later we presented a guide for installation for a recently released high performance custom ROM called Lightening Rom XWKE7 for your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). Installation for Lite’ning Rom v1.4 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) with Extended Power Menu, CF-Root 3.8 kernel, No Ascending Ringtone was covered here. Of course, you can always head to the Android Rooting section on our website to get the full scoop on all custom ROM installation guides as well as other tips&tricks for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)!

screen01 thumb | Install TK ROM v0.3.3 – XXKF2 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Includes CWM4 & Other Popular Tweaks [Guide]screen02 thumb | Install TK ROM v0.3.3 – XXKF2 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) Includes CWM4 & Other Popular Tweaks [Guide]

Now is the time to cover another promising custom ROM named TK-ROM that has been available recently developed by the Novek – an XDA forums member. This ROM as with many other recently released custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S2 integrates a number desirable tweaks such as disable battery full notification/vibration, extended power options, no ascending ringtone, updated system apps, hacked camera (for high bitrate HD recording), clockworkmod recovery and is of course pre-rooted. It also installs Launcher Pro 0.8.6 and Titanium Backup.

Here are all the features and tweaks enabled by the TK-ROM according to the developer:

-Rom Base: XXKF2 (thanks to Intratech’s thread)
-Battery percentage, adwanced power menu & CRT effect (Thanks to JKay)
-Modded Maps 5.5.0 to allow navigation outside the US (thanks to ownhere/stian230)
-Added European servers to GPS config file
-CF-Root v4.0 KF2 Kernel w/root/busybox/CWM4 (Thanks to Chainfire)
-Chainfire3D v2 (obvious who to thank, or?^)
-modified phone.apk without increasing ring (Thanks to dfi2k5)
-modified mms.apk (Thanks to muveszur)
-modified camera.apk (thanks to Potatoman)
-Gtalk with video (thanks to ma10)
-Launcher Pro 0.8.6
-Titanium Backup
-Lagfixed browser (Thanks to LitePro)
-Optimize kernel script
-Swype with nordic languages


Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

First you need to download the ROM from here. As for the installation instructions, they are best explained by the developer himself. Have a look:

1. Flash a custom kernel with CWM, eg. this
2. Download the ROM, and place it somewhere on the external SD card
3. Reboot into CWM
4. Navigate with the vol keys to Install zip from SD card -> choose zip -> navigate to where you put the ROM -> press home button
5. Press power button to go back, then home to reboot device


Don’t forget to have a look at the guide: Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery For Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) as developer recommends to flash this from CWM. Of course, you can see the extensive list of guides that we have published in the past for SGS 2 here.

Please head over the relevant thread at the XDA forums to get the latest updates and conversations regarding this TK-ROM.


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