iPhone 5 Specifications and Rumors: A Visual Roundup [Infographic]

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iphone | iPhone 5 Specifications and Rumors: A Visual Roundup [Infographic]Apple didn’t release the iPhone 5 at WDDC 2011, and many in the industry were already aware that Apple is going to deviate from it’s usual iPhone release-cycle this time for a variety of reasons including giving the recently released white iPhone 4 more breathing space, and also taking some time out to polish the hardware and bring it to the level of other formidable smartphones from the Android world (Samsung Galaxy S2 comes to mind). However, most of the sources in the industry agree that Apple is going to release the iPhone 5 in the September time-frame. As the expected release date draws near, all the rumors about the hardware specs and features about the flagship Apple smartphone are coming in to full swing.

Here, is an interesting and an artistic look that provides a complete roundup of all these specifications and features of the upcoming iPhone 5 that we are hearing about now for quite some time. A nice thing is that infographic provides a percentage of like hood that a listed feature in question will indeed appear in the upcoming iPhone 5. For example, there is almost 100% chance that Apple will power the iPhone5 with the A5 processor – an extremely powerful processor that was originally introduced in iPad 2 a few months back. Any way have a look for yourself and enjoy!

iphone5 infographic rumorsb thumb | iPhone 5 Specifications and Rumors: A Visual Roundup [Infographic]

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[Credit for this goes to Infographic Labs, via]

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