Force Move Any Application to SDcard of Your Android Device to Free Up Internal Memory

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Internal memory capacity on most of the currently available Android devices is quite limited and can get filled up pretty quickly if there are many applications installed in the internal memory. Only solution seems to be to avoid installing the apps on the internal memory but instead on the SDCard. However, now the problem is not all applications can be moved out of the internal memory to the SDCard, as there some apps that simply refuses to do so. A simple way to solve this problem is using an application available in the Android Market named Force2SD that moves such apps to the SDCard memory, so freeing space on the internal memory as a result. Note that Force2SD requires a rooted device because of the way it works. Also, you must have a device based on Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher.

ss 480 0 1 | Force Move Any Application to SDcard of Your Android Device to Free Up Internal Memoryss 480 1 0 | Force Move Any Application to SDcard of Your Android Device to Free Up Internal Memory

Here is some further explanation about the application by the developers himself:

Save precious application storage! Force2SD lets you move most apps to SD card/external storage even when the system would not allow you to move them, thereby saving space in the app storage area. While Android as of version 2.2 introduced the feature that lets you move apps to SD card/external storage, it normally only allows the movement of applications explicitly marked by the developer as movable. Force2SD moves many applications not marked as movable.

You can get the Force2SD right now from the Android Market for $0.99 from here.

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