Run Multiple iPhone Apps Side-by-Side on iPad 1 & 2! [Jailbreak App]

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As you might know that iPhone application collection is substantially larger than the apps that are tailored specifically for the iPad. This has to do with the fact that iPhone has been available for much longer amount of time than the iPad and this lead time allowed the device to build a large collection of apps that are optimized specifically for the small screen of the iPhone (or iPad Touch). If you run these applications (released for the small screen of the iPhone) on your iPad, you will not get the optimal experience. But a question then arises that how get the most out of the much screen space available on the iPad 1 or 2? Well, this question is answered to some extent by a new jailbreak tweak/app developed by the Aaron Ash.

IMG 0020 | Run Multiple iPhone Apps Side by Side on iPad 1 & 2! [Jailbreak App]

This application to be released for the jailbroken iPad devices is likely to be called Polyonix as judging from the screenshot above. It will allow to run multiple applications side-by-side on the large iPad screen at the same time. As you can see in the screenshot above developer is running two instances of the Angry Birds on the iPad in parallel! Of course, this is not limited to gaming as some might be interested to run multiple productivity applications such as Calendar, Notes or Skype in Parallel. Basically the possibilities are limitless here. This application is not yet available and there is no timeframe either on the application release either, as there are a number of bugs and issues need to be fixed.

Yes, and it actually works! I’ve wasted plenty of time already playing 2 games of Angry Birds at the same time. (I actually was playing 3 for a while, but it crashed when I tried to add a 4th). There are a few bugs, such as audio not working, and accelerometer events not getting sent to applications; it may take a while to sort these out. The bottom right button turns on “edit mode” which allows you to rearrange applications, and rotate them (Angry Birds normally runs in landscape, here they’re turned). I’m debating on if I should go for the typical desktop feel or make it more SpringBoard-like and keep apps in preset locations. I probably won’t have time to really polish this up and release for a few months, but I’ll keep hacking away at it and possibly post updates every now and then. Performance is actually pretty good, definitely useable.

This application for sure seems to be quite useful for the iPad users and I can see many users will be eagerly waiting for its release.


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