How to Add Native Android SIP Stack to Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) For Making Calls on Wi-Fi and 3G?

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sip stack | How to Add Native Android SIP Stack to Your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) For Making Calls on Wi Fi and 3G?A good thing about many released Android versions is that they have a native SIP stack that can be used to make and receive free calls through the Wi-Fi or 3G connection. But unfortunately it seems that Samsung was under the pressure from the telecom companies since they removed SIP stack from the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) when they released the device. However, lucky for us that XDA forum member named mobilegalaxy has come up with a way to add this SIP stack back to the phone. And fortunately its not difficult at all. Even the novice users can do this easily.

First you need to download the attached zip file from here. Then follow the instructions as follows (provided by the developer):

- Unzip the attached file “” and add it to “system\etc\permissions\". After you’re done, reboot your phone and voila you can enjoy the benefits of the native SIP stack again

By default this modification will be sufficient to place calls via the Wi-Fi but if you want to do so through the 3G as well, then you have to do further modifications.

By default, the native Android SIP stack only allows for VoIP calls placed via Wifi (it seems that even the mighty G from mountain view bowed to the telecom operators), but there is a way to enable support for VoIP calls via 3G as well:
- You need to modify your framework-res.apk to enable SIP over 3G by editing the xml file "res\values\bools.xml" and setting the parameter for "config_sip_wifi_only" to false.

Detailed (but easy to follow) instructions are provided by the developer in the original thread at the XDA forums to enable the 3G option to place the calls. Note that those instruction are only necessary to enable the option to place the calls through 3G as well.


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  • Rooster

    Unable to follow the instructions. The problems are:
    (1) Where is the attachment
    (2) How to see the /system directory

    • levelfamily

      same problem here. and nobody helps… damn…

    • Guest

      useing the “fileexpert” app will help you to find the directory BUT even with the root explorer it’s not possible to paste files into this directory :(

  • Vinay

    where can i find system\etc\permissions on Galaxy S2

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