Root Nook Touch Using TouchNooter & Install Go Launcher, NookColor Tools, Gmail, Market & YouTube [How to]

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nook touch kindle | Root Nook Touch Using TouchNooter & Install Go Launcher, NookColor Tools, Gmail, Market & YouTube [How to]

A few weeks has passed since the last time we talked about the newly released Nook Touch (NT) by the B&N and mentioned that it has been hacked by a guy named JesusFreke! The first thing that he did after the rooting was the installation of Angry Birds and have some fun! For those who don’t know Nook Touch is a cheap E-Reader with monochrome screen suitable for book reading in the same league as the Amazon Kindle. At that time the rooting process was manual and pretty complicated particularly for the novice users. But no more! as a new much more automated and user-friendly tool called TouchNooter is available that makes the whole process of rooting the Nook Touch much more seamless. It has been developed by the GabrialDestruir an XDA forum member. You can download the TouchNooter from here and give it a go.

Developer has actually provided very useful and detailed instructions on the original thread and we are replicating here for you connivance. Just the follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to easily root your Nook Touch:

Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as Inspired Geek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

Installed Applications

  • Enables ADB via uRamdisk
  • Installs su and Superuser.apk
  • Installs Busybox
  • Installs Button Savior
  • Installs Go Launcher
  • Installs NookColor Tools (To Enable Non-Market Installs)
  • Installs Gapps (Gmail, Market, Youtube, Others)


  • You must already have a registered Nook Simple Touch
  • You must have a Gmail/Youtube linked Account. IF you used a Gmail account for B&N Registration you should use that one for this process.
  • You must either have dd (Linux) or WinImage (Windows) software.
  • You must have an external microSDCard reader or this will not work. Do NOT use the Nook Simple Touch.


        1. Download TouchNooter from here:
        2. Linux: Unzip and use dd if=touchnooter-1-6-24.img of=/dev/sdcard
        3. Windows: Unzip and use WinImage to "Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image" to your SDcard.
        4. Windows Alternative:
        5. Power off your Nook Simple Touch.
        6. Insert TouchNooter SDcard into your Nook Simple Touch.
        7. Power on your Nook Simple Touch.
        8. You should see the screen "Rooted Forever".
        9. It will boot like normal and you should be asked to select a launcher now. (If not use Button Savior to go home. This will bring up the launcher chooser.)
        10. That was the hard part, now to the simple stuff.
        11. Upon boot unlock your screen.
        12. At the Android Welcome Screen skip Sign In.
        13. Enable Location Services when given the option.
        14. Connect to Wifi and launch Youtube from Go Launcher’s App Drawer (Or the App Drawer of your Choice).
        15. Click the Menu button (The right one in the middle of the status bar).
        16. Select "My Channel" and Login using your Gmail Account.
        17. Exit Youtube and Launch Gmail from "Extras".
        18. Sync your Gmail Account and Exit. (If it fails to sync that is fine.)
        19. Open up Market and Accept Terms and Service.
        20. If you made it this far your nook should be successfully Rooted. Go Download an App to make sure.
        21. Enable Non-Market Installs by running the NookColor Tools App.
        22. If your Youtube fails to launch Uninstall and Reinstall Youtube from /data/app
        23. Go to Settings > Device Info > SdCard > UnMount > Format

    [All credit goes to GabrialDestruir]

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    • Halley

      Will unlocking the Nook Touch give you access to the full 2gb on the device? Thanks!!!

    • Me.

      What??? doesn’t work for Apple computers!?!? will it work if you run windows on a virtual machine such as parallels on a mac?

    • Zhao mo

      Thanks for the work done.

      In China, we can’t go on youtube. Google, gmail is yet another problem. Please, can you help me with alternative steps for number 16, 17 and 18.

      Thanks you.

    • satoshi

      I have exactly followed the sequence. However, after the installation the Home menu can not be selected when nook bottun is pushed. Then, no program can not be launched.
      Even setting menu could not be used. So, I tried to reboot the system, it fells into reboot loop.

      I have returned the Nooktouch to factory shipment setting with pushing reset 8 times, erased the whole data from the device from setting->device menu. I have tried the TouchNooter sequence couple of times, however, it always ends with the same problem.

    • Mike

      Ack! No “My Channel” appears for logging on to GMail. I get seven buttons on the bottom: Add, Wallpaper, Themes, Recommend, Exit and Preferences. While rooting around I found that selecting Settings puts me back into the normal Nook interface with no way back but reboot. How do I punch in my account info?

    • Mike

      Logged onto GMail by the widget, but now the Android Market terms accept button isn’t functioning. Nor the decline for that matter.

    • Mike

      No button on the very bottom will respond.

    • Mike

      There’s no NookColor Tools App to run.

    • Rania

      Hey, I did everything, the youtube account signed int and all but the gmail account won’t sync. I hit refresh but it still didn’t work. I even tried unrooting my nook and going through the whole process again but it still wont sync :(

    • Gan Uesli Starling

      On Ubuntu 11.10 I tried…

      dd if=touchnooter-1-11-20.img of=/dev/sdf1

      …as on 2011-12-26 a later Touchnooter was available and sdf1 was what appeared on inserting a class 10 SDHC into the Dynex DX-CR312 hub via USB.

      But on rebooting the Nook Simple Touch BNRV300 has no effect other than for the Nook to insist I must reformat the SDHC card.

      Result = Wahhhh! Doesn’t work. But at last the Nook wasn’t otherwise disturbed. Any updates on this method? Anyone with success via Ubuntu Karmic or Oneric, please reply by email. Thanks.

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