Firefox 7 to Get Major Reduction in Memory Footprint! & Insight on Upcoming Features in Firefox 8

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image3 | Firefox 7 to Get Major Reduction in Memory Footprint! & Insight on Upcoming Features in Firefox 8

After the release of the long awaited Firefox 4 Mozilla has really pushed the full throttle button on the development of new versions of the Firefox. Soon afterwards Mozilla released the Firefox 5 which was more of an incremental improvement over the Firefox 4. And just recently Firefox 6 has entered the beta stage. Furthermore Mozilla has updated the Aurora channel to Firefox 7. Which basically means alpha versions of the browser that has gone through minimal testing. And finally there are now nightly builds of Firefox 8 available that you might want to try if you really want to live at the bleeding edge of the Firefox technology!

We do know that Firefox 6 will include a number interesting features such as new “scratchpad” for developers to test JavaScript in a live environment, and then there is support for more CSS3 and HTML5 standards. But it’s the Firefox 7 where the real fun starts. As we know that Mozilla will target some long standing memory leaking issues in Firefox finally in this version of the Firefox. According to what is known so far Firefox 7 will include mechanism for increased garbage collection frequency and defragmentation of memory chunks to minimize the memory leaks that can reduce the footprint of the application by up hundreds of megabytes! Other enchantments includes to tweaks to the address bar – similar to the Opera and Chrome http:// prefixes will be removed and www. prefixes will also be grayed to more emphasize the domain name.

As for the Firefox 8 there is little known so far about the definite features in the final builds but we do know that web developer tools such i.e. Style Inspector and Highlighter Tool will be introduced but they are not yet in the nightly builds that have been released so far. Firefox 8 will also mark the first version of the Firefox to introduce the specific 64 bit builds for Windows users – another long requested feature by the Firefox users.

Future for sure looks bright for the Firefox as the development and versioning of the builds accelerated to combat the increasing threat from the other browsers in particular Google Chrome.

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