Netflix Fixer and Ad Blocker For Nook Color

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Netflix  thumb | Netflix Fixer and Ad Blocker For Nook ColorIf you are trying to run the Netflix on your Nook Color then this is a God send. An application developed by the XDA forum member brianf21 for the CM7 (CyanogenMod 7) users. It will update the /system/build.prop file on your Nook Color. More specifically it changes the ro.product.manufacturer=bn to ro.product.manufacturer=HTC. It also allows to revert the change. Device must be rebooted for the change to take effect. SDCard users might have to update the Busybox in order to make it work.

You can download this app called Nook Odds and Ends.apk from here. Actually its essentially a script wrapped in to a simple apk file. This application in addition also includes Ad Blocker.

This is an app that will update your /system/build.prop file. It changes ro.product.manufacturer=bn to ro.product.manufacturer=HTC. It will also allow you to change it back. You must reboot for the change to take effect. This was designed for CM7. If it works for other devices or OSes, please post.
For SDCard users, DrSarcasmo has found a solution to get this to work. Update busybox. Here is his post…6&postcount=77
I added another app to this thread call "Nook Odds and Ends". It has a Netflix fix and Ad Blocker. There are eMMC and SDcard options. Some SDcard users are still having problems. Report any issues so we can this working for everyone.

If you own a Nookcolor and interested in rooting or learning new hacks, tips&tricks for this amazing device then don’t forget to visit the Nook Color section on our website!

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  • serena bell

    this app works great! i had just bought a nook color on 6/26/11 so it had the new 1.2 software. I rooted it with CM7 but netflix would not come up in the amazon or android market. When I downloaded netflix from different forums it would always be fast forwarding the movies. So i deleted the netflixs app and downloaded the Nook Odds and Ends.apk app. I installed it first ,then reinstalled the netflix app again and it now works perfectly!!!!GREAT APP!!!!!!!!!!!

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