Facebook vs Google+: Head to Head Feature Comparison [Infographic]

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These days Google’s brain child Google+ – a social website considered by many as the direct competitor to the Facebook is making waves around the Internet. Currently the service is in trial testing and is evolving rather quickly both in terms of feature set and stability. We expect this evolution to continue in the coming months to put a threat to the already mature Facebook. Guys at the technobombs has come up with a  fairly detailed Infographic to compare the key features of the Facebook to the Google+ to expose the strengths and weaknesses of both products when compared to each other. You can view the infographic below:

facebook vs google plus thumb | Facebook vs Google+: Head to Head Feature Comparison [Infographic]

As you can see that despite the fact that Google+ has been introduced only recently, it already supports some innovative and strong features for which Facebook has no answer. One of most prominent is a feature called Google+ Circles that allow a strong control on managing your Friends in groups, and despite its powerful nature its easy to use. Another one Google+ Hangout that allows to do for example group chat with up to 10 people.

Of course, there are some aspects where Facebook still excels for example Facebook pages for businesses, Facebook games and Facebook questions as Google+ has no answer for any of these for now. But this is to be expected from an application that has been around for years. I am pretty sure with the passage of time Google+ will acquire these features and likely even more! Competition is always good in any market segment you know (at least for the users)!

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