Install HoneyComp Port Rom on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): Android 2.3.4, CRT-Animation, CWM Recovery, Extended Power Menu, Red Theme [Guide]

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HoneyComp is a new recently released custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) in a long list of ROMs that are already available for all the power users that like to tinker with their powerful SG2 device, and experience the new unique features and tweaks that are not yet available in the stock ROM. Honeycomp joins a longs list of ROMs which we have already covered here including on how to install the first ever custom ROM for your shiny new SGS2 in the form of VillainROM (v1.0)! Which was a pre-rooted ROM optimized for performance and with much greater scope for any upcoming tweaks. We also presented a guide for installation for a recently released high performance custom ROM called Lightening Rom XWKE7 for your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII). Installation for Lite’ning Rom v1.4 For Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) with Extended Power Menu, CF-Root 3.8 kernel, No Ascending Ringtone was covered here.

In case you are interested ONLY to root your Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) device then you can view the detailed full root method for the Samsung Galaxy S2 here using Odin. Of course, you can always head to the Android Rooting section on our website to get the full scoop on all custom ROM installation guides as well as other tips&tricks for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII)!

HoneyComp thumb | Install HoneyComp Port Rom on Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII): Android 2.3.4, CRT Animation, CWM Recovery, Extended Power Menu, Red Theme [Guide]

We always try to bring the most promising and powerful custom ROMs available for our users and HoneyComp is no exception. This ROM as with many other recently released custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S2 integrates a number of highly desirable tweaks such as CF-Root kernel with CWM Recovery that can come very handy to flash new kernels, Roms etc., new boot animations, minimal ads in applications, VoIP SIP support which is missing from the stock Samsung ROM, cool CRT animation, extended power menu, hacked camera application with much better sound quality and many other tweaks, This ROM has all the user interface covered in a reddish flavored theme (see the picture above). There are more than 30 matching themed applications. And of course ROM is fully rooted and installs usual Root and Busybox. Another notable point is that all the default Samsung crap bloat-ware apps have been removed from this ROM. Another advantage of this custom ROM is that it’s a no wipe ROM.

Here are all the features and tweaks enabled by the HoneyComp according to the developer:

Details of HoneyComp v.0.1
Based on Firmware: XXKG1 Android 2.3.4
CF-Root Kernel XXKG1 with CWM Recovery
Root + Busybox
HoneyComp xml mod
The HoneyComp v1.0 have Multi-Language Support
Features of HoneyComp v.0.1
Everything in Red
Over 30 themed Apps
Overscroll Glow
Extended Power Menü
New Bootanimation
New System-Sounds
New Notification & Alert-Sounds
Ad-Free Host
(No more Adds in Apps, just a few exceptions)
Voip-Sip Support
HoneyComp Icon Pack with >500 Icons (installed on your SD)
Launcher Go Ex pre-installiert
(how to use: LauncherPro/settings/Theme)
Evolution Wallpaper Gallery
Samsung Crap Apps removed
Added Apps:
App Cleaner/ HD Fancy Widget / Widget Clock / Launcher Ex
Added Gingerbread Keyboard
New Lockscreen Wallpaper
Hacked Camera with better Sound
and many many more
HoneyComp Launcher Ex Themen Red


Note: Rooting, Jailbreaking or customizing your device can be risky, and you may end-up bricking your device! Follow the instructions posted here at your own responsibility as InspiredGeek will not be responsible for any damage to your device.

First you need to download the ROM (XXKG1 or XXKG2). And then follow the installation instructions below (provided by the developer):

This ROM is only for CWM flash:
Download HoneyComp v.0.1
push the zip to your main directory of your internal SD
Start the App: CWM
Choose: Flash update
Choose: HoneyComp
Confirm with OK and have FUN.
First boot takes about 5 minutes, so dont worry, be Happy!

Don’t forget to have a look at the guide: Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery For Samsung Galaxy S2 (II) as developer recommends to flash this from CWM and required for the above instructions to work. Or alternatively you can follow the guide below:

Of course, you can see the extensive list of guides that we have published in the past for Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) here. Please head over to the relevant thread at the XDA forums to get the latest updates and conversations regarding HoneyComp Port Rom.


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  • Spencer

    Probably a super noob question, but how do I know which rom to use? (ie XXKG1 OR XXKG2)
    Thanks for the help

  • Francis

    How do I add native Chinese input (DioPen Chinese IME) back into this custom ROM?

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