Fix the New Facebook Chat System Using a Google Chrome Extension

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As noted in some earlier articles, after feeling the heat from Google, massively popular online social networking website Facebook has started to take major as well as incremental steps to improve the website and add new features. One feature that has been covered extensively in the recent weeks is the inclusion of the new video chat system courtesy of the Skype service. Facebook developers also made visual changes to the interface and added annoying sidebar that lists all the contacts of the users no matter if they are offline, online or idle and presents a somewhat confusing intermingled view of them.

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We already covered a very simple way to disable the vertical sidebar in the Facebook if you are not a big fan of the new chat features in Facebook. After all, you can use the desktop version of the Skype anyway which is much more robust and feature rich anyway. Now the extension developers for the popular web browsers such as Google Chrome are coming to rescue by creating some extensions to make the chat system in Facebook more useful than it is now. One example is new extension for the Chrome appropriately named “Fix the New Facebook Chat System”. Basically it hides the offline contacts from the chat listing to avoid the confusion for the users as well as puts all the contacts available for chat side-by-side as in the older version of the Facebook.

Out of frustration of the new Facebook chat system, you know – the one that shows offline contacts jumbled up awkwardly with online and Idle contacts – I decided to create an extension to hide all the offline contacts to have a simplified interface which will show only Online and Idle contacts side-by-side, similar to the old interface, with the added bonus of the new search function and multi-person chat function!


Download New Facebook Chat System for Google Chrome

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