All iPhone 5 Specifications Related Rumors in a Single Video!

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iphone5 | All iPhone 5 Specifications Related Rumors in a Single Video!

As the expected date for the iPhone 5 is getting nearby, the rate of new rumors about the new features, design are also starting to heat up. As we mention before, there are many reports that are strongly hinting towards the September release, there is not much time left! Guys from Nowhere Else has done a nice job of putting up all (or most of them) the rumors in a single video. An interesting aspect is that all of these rumors are graded on a scale from 0 to 100% for the like hood of them being implemented in practice. All the major rumors that we know about such as major design change as compared to iPhone 4, a white version release, NFC support, a better higher MP rear facing camera support, and possible removal of Home screen button in favor of a new virtual software based button are covered.

If you haven’t followed all the iPhone 5 related rumors that are floating around the Net these days then you might want to give it a go to quickly come up to speed!


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