Launch iPhone Camera Application or LED Flashlight From The Lockscreen Using a Single Click [Cydia App]

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FlashCam | Launch iPhone Camera Application or LED Flashlight From The Lockscreen Using a Single Click [Cydia App]

As you already know Apple’s latest iPhone 4 not only includes a high quality 5MP camera but also a flash features to support it, a feature that has been missing from the iPhone 3GS. However, if for some reason you want to quickly capture a spontaneous moment on a photo, its not easy to get access to the Camera application (or LED) as first you have to first unlock the phone then search and launch the Camera application. As you can see it may take some time and you may very well miss the key moment. Same can be said about the LED flashlight on the iPhone 4 that requires multiple steps to gain control of it. Of course, there are a number of Cydia apps available in the Cydia store that allows a quick access of the Camera app from the lockscreen of the iPhone.

FlashCam is one such Cydia app that allows to launch the Camera application directly from the lockscreen of the iPhone. In fact, FlashCam is quite configurable as you can not only launch a the stock Camera app as well as some third party app such as Camera+ and Instagram using the button. Also default Camera mod can be adjusted from the Settings panel. Note that upcoming release of the iOS 5 will include the feature of launching of Camera App directly from the lockscreen using a button, but there is no such features in the iOS 4.x. Also, we don’t think iOS 5 will allow to customize to launch 3rd party Camera apps using its built-in feature.


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