Record Skype Calls on iPhone/iPad Using Free QuickVoice Recorder [Tip]

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Skype is one of the most well known software to make free calls to other users using P2P technology on the Internet. In the start only available for the PCs now Skype is also available on the major mobile OS such as iOS and Android as well. There are a lot features crammed in the latest versions of this software including the video conferencing, file transfer, quick messaging apart from the basic voice calling features. However, one of the important features missing from the Skype (on all platforms) is the voice recording functionality. In the past we have covered some free software to do the Skype voice recording as well as Skype video call recording if you happen to be using the Skype client on a Windows PC. However what will be solution if you happen to be on the iOS platform in particular on an iPhone or an iPad to quickly record Skype Calls? We have already covered a software to do the Skype call recording on the iOS devices, but that was not a free solution. So what about a free solution for the Skype call recording?

QuickVoice  thumb | Record Skype Calls on iPhone/iPad Using Free QuickVoice Recorder [Tip]

Well, its not very difficult! As today we have a free software for you on the iOS platform that allows to do quick Skype Call Recording in few simple steps if you are using an iPad/iPhone. Its called Quick Voice Recorder and can downloaded for free from iTunes App store. All you have to do after the installation, is to launch the Skype (and make a call) and then launch the QuickVoice Recorder  application and hit the big red Record button (see the picture above). After that, use the multitasking bar to switch back to the Skype if you like. Recording should start as soon as you hit the Record button. Please do note that you can move recorded file bigger than 5MB in size out of your iOS device! This is one of the key limitations of this otherwise great free software to do Skype call recording on your iPhone or iPad.

Download QuickVoice Recorder

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  • ipad user

    This gonna to be interesting. thanks for sharing this valuable info with iPad users.

  • Lucy Millan

    Thanx, but as for me, Iā€™d recommend to
    record skype calls using this tool, itā€™s easy-to-use and works great!)

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