Use PS3 Controller With Android To Play Games On Device Using Sixaxis Controller App

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PS3 Controller | Use PS3 Controller With Android To Play Games On Device Using Sixaxis Controller AppTraditionally, a large library of games in all key categories happen to be the strong point of iTunes App store and it still happens to be the strength of the iOS platform with a massive collection of games both freeware and paid ones to choose from the iTunes App store. However, in the meantime there is no doubt that Android Market has covered some ground and strengthened it library of games. In particular, there are a number of A+ titles that traditionally happened to be only available for the iOS devices are now also available for the Android. While there is not doubt some of these games are of really high quality with a good production value, but the problem start to become evident about the limitations of the touch screen only platforms (both Android and iOS devices) when you try to play some games that are traditionally well suited for the traditional controls that are available on the controller for the gaming systems such as Xbox 360 and PS3.

Recently, a very interesting app named Sixaxis Controller has been released in the Android Market that allows PS3 Controller With Android To Play Games that allows the key binding such as the emulators PSX4Droid etc. However, Sixaxis Controller is not compatible with every device in particular there are some Droid and Samsung Android mobile devices that are not compatible. This is because application uses a special Bluetooth protocol to do its magic and its not available in all ROMs. You can use the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker to confirm that if your device is compatible with the app or not before purchasing it to use the PS3 Controller With Android To Play Games.

Sixaxis Controller is an Android application which allows the Sixaxis and DualShock 3 Playstation controllers to be used as bluetooth input devices on many mobile phones and tablets. This enables the ultimate gaming experience to be had in a completely portable form factor.

Up to four controllers are supported at once, and key mappings are completely configurable, as well as the analog sticks, which are currently emulated as digital key presses.

Here are the instructions (provided by the developer) about the use of the Sixaxis Controller App:

  • Download and install the application from the Android Market. It is highly recommended that you first download the ‘Sixaxis Compatibility Checker’ app to make sure your phone is compatible before purchasing the full application.
  • Tap the ‘start’ button and wait for bluetooth to initiate. If you get an ‘Error: Missing required protocol’ message, your device is not supported.
  • If not already done, you must manually pair the controller with your phone. This can be done using ‘SixaxisPairTool’, or with ‘MotionInJoy’ or the linux utility ‘sixpair’. Your phones bluetooth address should be shown at the bottom of the main application window and will look something like 1A:3C:13:00:21:C2; you need to enter this number into the ‘SixaxisPairTool’ as shown. This process only needs to be done the first time a controller is used on a different device, so if you only use the controller on one phone, you will only need to do it once.
  • Once paired, unplug the USB cable and press the power button on the controller. If successful, the lights on the controller will stop blinking and a single light will remain on.
  • If you are running the compatibility checker, and pressing buttons on the controller results in button presses showing up in the app, congratulations, you can now download the full app.
  • Tap the ‘Change Input Method’ button and select ‘Sixaxis Controller’. You should now be able to use the controller in any games or applications that support key bindings, such as many emulators.
  • Subsequent controllers can be added at any time by pressing their power buttons.
  • You can change the fallback input method and key mappings in the applications settings.

Here is demo video showing the Sixaxis Controller App in action!

Please note that this application requires a rooted Android device to work.

Download Sixaxis Controller

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