HTC Sensation Bootloader Unlocking Official Web Tool Now Available!

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As we reported earlier about HTC’s intention to support the unlocked bootloaders on their devices, further it was clarified that new devices will still ship with the locked boot loaders but users will be able to initiate a procedure through a web based tool to unlock the bootloaders. Well, now this web based tool is live to unlock the bootloader on the HTC Sensation devices as of now. A flow chart for the process to unlock the device is shown below (as provided by HTC):

Unlock Process thumb | HTC Sensation Bootloader Unlocking Official Web Tool Now Available!

It may seem a bit overwhelming for some novice users but in summary what is required is a token got from the individual device, then providing it to HTC so that HTC can track the device when it comes for warranty later on. This token is basically a hash of identifiers specific to phone being unlocked. Afterwards, HTC server will generate a key based on the input device token, which the bootloader will accept and unlock the device. More details can be found at the HTC website.

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