Use Your HTC HD2 As A USB Host to Connect USB Mouse, Keyboard, Flashdrive, HDD [How to]

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HTC HD2 is one of THE most popular devices ever created by HTC, and is considered by many as the hackers/system tweakers paradise as there are all kinds of different OS already ported and ready to be installed on this now aging (but still popular) device; these includes Windows Phone 7 (WP7), Android, Linux ports among others. And not to mention countless other tweaks and optimizations available online for the HTC HD2.

Now an XDA forum member Cotulla has come up with an interesting but useful hack for the HTC HD2 that allows to use the device as a USB host, and hence allows to connect the external USB drives, USB mouse/keyboard and other USB storage etc. Basically it consists of a driver that needs to installed on the Windows Mobile OS 6.5. Its also required to have a special cable or USB powered hub.

USBHSwitch thumb | Use Your HTC HD2 As A USB Host to Connect USB Mouse, Keyboard, Flashdrive, HDD [How to]

Here are the notes provided by the developer:

This release contains drivers designed to allow connect different USB devices to HTC LEO (HTC HD2)
Those drivers designed for Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and they were successfully tested on 3.14 ROM. Other ROMs are not tested.
For using USB host ability you need use special cable or self-powered USB hub.
More information can be found here
This release supports HID and MassStorage profiles.
You can connect UsB Mouse, USB Keyboard, USB Stick, USB Hard Disk.
Of course, you need enough external power for devices.


Installation and Usage

As for the installation, its pretty simple you need to download this file (DFT_LEO_USBH_WM65.rar) and extract it using (WinRAR or 7Zip). After extraction, simply transfer the included two cab files to your HTC HD2 device, and install them via the File Explorer. First install the and then install After that Reset your HD2.

As for the usage (provided by the developer):

1. Programs -> USBH Switch
2. Disconnect from PC.
3. Press "Switch to Host" button.
4. Connect host device.
5. After some time it should be detected.
6. You can try to use it.
7. After usage you need reset your device to go back USB client mode.


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