How to Install Darky ROM 10.2 on Samsung Galaxy S [Fully Rooted Openvpn, Extended Power Menu]

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DarkyROM 2 thumb | How to Install Darky ROM 10.2 on Samsung Galaxy S [Fully Rooted Openvpn, Extended Power Menu]DarkyROM 1 thumb | How to Install Darky ROM 10.2 on Samsung Galaxy S [Fully Rooted Openvpn, Extended Power Menu]

Darky ROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for the Samsung Galaxy S. It features blazing fast speed and lot of extended features that are missing from the stock Android ROMs. Recently Darky ROM has been updated to the version 10.2. Here are some of the features of the Darky ROM as mentioned by the developer:

  • Based on official XXJPY
  • Integrated Custom Kernel (Support for i9000T)
  • - Integrated ClockworkMod [CWM]
  • - Converts all partitons toEXT4
  • -Startup Tweaks
  • - 339MB RAM
  • - BLN Support
  • Integrated Support for a Custom Boot Animation
  • - Pre-installed Custom Boot Animation
  • Biggest APN file for instant internet / MMS access
  • 4 Lockscreens to choose from [AOSP / Samsung / Puzzle / Epic]
  • Recovery 2e to flash unsigned’s like CWM
  • Updated Apps [Flash Player, Maps, Gmail, YouTube]
  • YouTube ‘GingerBread’ Version
  • Tweaked Settings [Themed]
  • Tweaked ‘build.prop’
  • - Fingerprint for Market changed to show all protected apps
  • 2 awesome (Homescreens) Launchers
  • - 3D Gingerbread Launcher
  • - Samsung’s TouchWiz Froyo
  • Modded System Apps:
  • - Hacked Camera with Power-Button Mapping & Low % Shooting [by fr4gg0r]
  • - Modded Phone Appno more ascending ringtone
  • - Gallery3D // heavily modded // Stock Samsung Icon [extremly fast // using way less battery than Samsung's one]
  • - Added Screenfilter to go below the standard brightness [saves a lot of battery & is easy on the eyes in the night!]
  • Useful apps added & updated
  • - SuperUser
  • - Spare Parts
  • - SGS Tools
  • - SGS Toolbox
  • - SGS Info
  • - FasterFix
  • 3 Keyboards
  • - Samsung Stock 2.2.1 Keyboard
  • - Latest Swype Keyboard
  • - Android 2.3 Gingerbread Keyboard [working haptic feedback + multi-language dictionary!]
  • Many languages supported, QWERTZ + QWERTY.
  • Various features
  • - Fixed signal bars showing correct reception
  • - Advanced Shutdown / Power Menu [Now with Reboot,Recovery & Download
  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread Look & Feel
  • High Quality Gingerbread Experience // Modified by me (thanks to jim_panse, gtg465x, scheichuwe, vukandric, dwillMuffc and more!)
  • - Redesigned Notification Bar
  • - Sleek Custom Wallpapers
  • - Some Apps have been themed like Gingerbread
  • New "Design Content" [icons & docks] on your internal SD-Card to customize your phone even further.
  • - Windows Phone 7 High Quality Icons
  • - New professional wallpaper
  • - Original Nexus S Ringtones


Long feature set for sure! Here we have a guide the for the Samsung Galaxy S users on how to install this ROM on their device.


Step 1: First download the file and extract it to a folder using WinRAR or WinZip etc. Note that this zip file includes all the files that will be needed in subsequent steps.

Step 2: Now start Odin 1.3 (included in the above zip file that you will download).

Step 3: Now put the pit file in PIT and tick the reparition (also included in the file downloaded in Step 1).

Step 4: PDA.tar in to the PDA ((also included in the file downloaded in Step 1).

Step 5: Plug the phone to your PC though the USB and make sure Kies is off.

Step 6: And press on the Start in the Odin and wait for the installation procedure to complete.

Step 7: Enjoy!

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