Share Huge File Online (Up to 9GB) Via a Simple Drag&Drop Using Fyels [No Account Needed]

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image thumb2 | Share Huge File Online (Up to 9GB) Via a Simple Drag&Drop Using Fyels [No Account Needed]

If you want to share large files online through the Internet with your friends or relatives, one of the most popular ways is Dropbox. Dropbox allows to share 2GB data using its free account. Well for many users, sharing documents and images it might be enough, but what if you want to share large videos or some other huge data? Then Dropbox service will not cut it. Also, for the Dropbox you have to first register for the service and setup. Although, its true that Dropbox (or other similar services) is more suitable in some other scenarios such as when you want to have data synced across different machines seamlessly. But for the simple file sharing with someone it might not be the smartest choice. But the problem is that most of the other free online file sharing services provide limited capacity.

Enter the Fyels a free online service that allows to upload files up to 9GB in size through a dead simple drag&drop interface. Once to you upload the data a URL will be provided to share it with other users for example that can download the data from this URL. All this is without any account creation! Its really simple solution to a simple problem.

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