How to Download Cydia Apps & Tweaks For Free – 7 Best Sources

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cydia | How to Download Cydia Apps & Tweaks For Free   7 Best SourcesWe believe that jailbreaking is one of the best things that ever happed to the iPhone. As it opened up a whole lot of other possibilities that were otherwise simply not possible because of the very constrained APIs that Apple provide for the developers. Of course, this is because of the jailbreaking that we have entire category of jailbreak/Cydia apps available to us that allows to literally customize every aspect of the iOS platform either its related to the functionality, ease of use or the theming of the iOS platform. There are now thousands of apps now available in the Cydia store that can accessed from the different Repo sources. Here, we are going to cover the most well known Repos to download the Cydia jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, games etc. for free!

Cydia 1 | How to Download Cydia Apps & Tweaks For Free   7 Best SourcesCydia 2 | How to Download Cydia Apps & Tweaks For Free   7 Best Sources

Note that there are some Repo listed here that host cracked apps that can be downloaded for free! These Repos are only provided for the informational purposes, and we expect that users will be sensible and will only download the apps which they are willing to buy later on (or they own already). Of course, Cydia apps installation and use of these repos as well requires a jailbroken iPhone or some other iOS device.

Note that information provided here is for the informational purposes ONLY. We are strictly against any idea for users to install any pirated apps. We will not be responsible for any misuse of the information provided here. Please purchase the apps that you like to encourage further development.

1. BigBoss Repo

BigBoss is in fact the largest Repo for the Cydia Apps with more than 10000 apps, tweaks, themes and more than half a million users! This is also the Repo that is installed by default with Cydia when you jailbreak your iPhone. It contains both freeware and paid packages. Most of the packages hosted on this repo are on their latest version.

2. Repo is another large Repo with a big collections of all kinds of apps, jailbreak tweaks, themes, ringtones etc. is also installed by default with the Cydia store when you jailbreak your iPhone. Similar to the BigBoss contains both freeware and paid Cydia apps. These days it also has thousands of hosted packages. So, collection size is more or less at the same level as the BigBoss (according to the stats at the

3. iSpazio Repo

iSpazio  is a popular Repo for the Cydia packages, in particular for the jailbreak tweaks, ringtones and themes. Its maintained by a famous Italian iPhone/iOS related blog with the same name. This one is also usually includes with the Cydia store when you jailbreak your iOS device. In any case, if its missing you can add the the following URL to the Cydia sources to access the packages from this repo.

4. Cydia.Hackulo.Us Repo

This Repo can be accessed from the It’s a very small repo but at the same time very useful one! This is because it contains the apps like AppSync and famous Installous application. AppSync allows to basically patch the mobile MobileInstallation on your device so that cracked/fixed apps can be transferred to the device via iTunes. While Installous is one of the well known apps to search and install the cracked iPhone apps directly from your iOS device!

5. SiNfuL iPhone Repo

SiNfuL is actually one of the largest Repos to find the cracked Cydia apps which are normally not available for freeware. You will find famous Cydia apps like iFile, FolderEnhancer and iRealSMS etc. here all cracked! One problem with this Repo is that it takes some time for the newer versions of the apps to propagate here. It requires the following source to be added to Cydia:

6. xSellize Repo

xSellize is another popular Repo to find the cracked Cydia apps just like the SiNfuL. There is a large collection of apps, jailbreak tweaks, mods, themes, fonts etc. to find here. However, as compared to the SiNfuL it seems to be more up to date with the latest versions of the different Cydia apps. To access this Repo you need to add the following URL to the Cydia sources:

7. iPhoneCake Repo

iPhoneCake is the best Repo for the users that want to play games on their iOS devices. Some of the games available include Angry Birds, Asphalt 5, Street Fighter IV and NFS Shift. To access this Repo you need to add the following URL to the Cydia sources:

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