A Look at Greatest Apple Achievements And Steve Jobs Career [Infographic]

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Steve Jobs resignation from the Apple as the CEO was probably one of the biggest news circulating around the Internet technology related news sphere . Of course, he will still be around serving on the Apple board of directors. I just came around a very nice Infographic at the GigaOM that basically rounds out the key moments in the Apple history, and also gives a rundown on the Steve Jobs career though the years in the process starting from the April 1st, 1976 when Apple was founded all the way to this year in June when iCloud was announced. Also includes some famous quotes by the guy. Its really inspiring to look at it how Steve transformed the Apple from what it was at that time to the day what it is today (considered as Worlds most valuable company in terms of market value).

Have a look:

Infographic Steve Jobs thumb | A Look at Greatest Apple Achievements And Steve Jobs Career [Infographic]

[via GigaOM]

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