MyRazor–A Shaving Simulator For Your iPhone!

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MyRazor | MyRazor–A Shaving Simulator For Your iPhone!

We all know that iPhone App market is absolutely huge, now supporting well over 300,000 applications and games. You can see all kinds of apps there ranging from very useful ones to the ones are just plain crap. With this much variety and diversity in apps its no wonder that every now and then you come cross some bizarre applications that makes you smile if not anything else.

Yesterday, I was just digging through the iTunes App Store and found a really interesting application named MyRazor. Well, as the name say it out this application is expected to give your iPhone a razor (actually an electric shaver) ability that you can use to shave the hair from your body, but NOT in reality of course right? as you know guys (or gals) there is no way your iPhone can work as a razor (at least not the currently available models up to iPhone 4)! But this doesn’t stops the developers of this application to bring you the next closest thing – a shaving simulator that feels like the real thing to the level possible on your iPhone. 

To see the magic of MyRazor in action, you need to rub the device (actually the MIC area) against your skin, and you will hear the realistic electric shaver sounds as hairs are trimmed through your body and fall on the on screen window. Then, as you tilt your phone back and forth, the hair will move realistically around the inside of your phone.  Tap the on-screen window to open it, and finish your shave by dumping out your hair!

MyRazor 2 | MyRazor–A Shaving Simulator For Your iPhone!

Here are the features as mentioned by the developer: 

-Shave realistically by rubbing your iPhone against your face, leg or arm
-Watch hair fall into the screen as you "shave"
-Rub the mic on your skin, and hear shaving sounds change just like a real razor
-Watch the hair respond to gravity by tilting your phone
-Tap the window to open/close and dump out your hair
-Choose from 4 different case colors (more coming soon)
-Select your hair color before shaving (black, dark brown, light brown, red, blond, or white)

AH! and there is this humorous remark by the developers as well (in the description):

MyRazor is for entertainment purposes only and will not actually shave your hair.

You can get the MyRazor for $0.99 from the iTunes App Store. Note that currently this application is only compatible with iPhone 3G/3GS according to the developers.

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