March 2008


Setting appropriate privacy levels on multiple computers while syncing data on Dropbox can get quite complicated. Having been a Sys-admin myself for a lot of years, experience has taught me never to underestimate the chance of a privacy breach when it comes to data. Even by protecting important ‘eyes only’ information by placing it on a system that isn’t connected to the network, people tend to forget one basic fact- the system administrator is all powerful! It only makes sense therefore, to use flash drives to store important data and use it only when required. Resolving the crisis Dropbox Portable Read More >


As we have seen from past couple of releases Mozilla rapid release cycle for pushing out new browser versions of its popular Firefox web browser is in full swing. This trend continues as now Mozilla has just pushed the Firefox 7 out of the window. But if its worth to download and install the new Firefox 7 you might ask! Well, according to the Mozilla release notes there are indeed some major improvements in this version as compared to the Firefox 6. This is in contrast to the previous releases namely Firefox 5 and 6 which were only incremental improvements Read More >

It is not a long time ago when we witnessed the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II to the US market by Samsung after much delay as compared to the other markets in world. Already, Samsung Galaxy S II is selling like hot cakes around the world. No wonder that Samsung has announced that its flagship Android device has crossed the 10 million unit sale worldwide! This is indeed a great achievements. Its was to be expected considering the very powerful well rounded specs of the device which were indeed a bit ahead of the time when it was Read More >


After you format your PC to get rid of some stubborn virus or simply perform some major hardware modifications on your computer, a reinstall of your operating system is usually needed which requires you to re-enter the product activation key. However, due to the ongoing Microsoft Genuine Software Initiative to control piracy, the number of times you can enter the key has been limited to 10. This is done in order to forestall any fraudulent installations. Now this can be a serious cause of despair for those who have purchased genuine Windows Vista or Windows 7 and require frequent formats. Read More >


Ever think you’ve seen the last of the camera apps for the iPhone? Well, I suggest you think again. This new kid on the block has quite the ear for photography! Anyone who’s used an iPhone knows that there are round about gazillion apps to enhance the functionality of its camera. Having covered virtually all possible features, it’s hard to believe that there is yet one more app out there that claims to do something different. But this is no faux claim; there actually is! ShutterVox, the latest addition to Apple’s arsenal of camera apps, lets you snap pictures with Read More >


Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) might be at least six to seven months away or maybe even more from the actual release but considering the insane popularity of this brand of Android mobile smartphones by Samsung helps to build quite a lot of hype and speculations, rumors and so on for the upcoming release of the Galaxy S series and in this case Samsung Galaxy S III (S3). In the meanwhile we are trying to keep you updated on the latest on this front. In one of the articles we briefed you about some of the possible specs that the Read More >


Few days back, we reported about the imminent release of the HTC Sensation XE in UK and also shed light on some of the specs of this powerful beast. Just to reiterate HTC Sensation XE will be an ungraded edition of the already very popular and powerful HTC Sensation supporting a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU as well as an extended battery. Another novelty lies in the inclusion of Dr. Dre branded high quality headphones that will for sure appeal to music enthusiasts. You may already know that original HTC Sensation supports 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor. 768MB of RAM, Android 2.3 Read More >


NVIDIA Kal-El (Tegra 3) is not something entirely new for us as we have heard lots of news since the time NVIDIA revealed it for the first time in the start of this year. At that time it was also promised that we will see the first Android based device on this powerful Kal-El (Tegra 3) based SoC by the August of this year. But unfortunately it never happened. Now we now that this was mainly because of the shifting in the plans of the Hardware manufactures of the Android based smartphones and tablets that forced NVIDIA to change its Read More >

Motorola ATRIX 2 3

There is now doubt in our mind that Motorola ATRIX is one of the popular device on the AT&T network. This is mainly because of very balanced set of features and performance. Of course Motorola ATRIX was one of the first devices to support the Tegra 2 at that time. For sure, you might have seen our popular head to head comparison of the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) and Motorola ATRIX 4G. But now when we know some time has passed and Samsung Galaxy S2 is now on the US shores so the time is right for the Motorola ATRIX Read More >


There is no denial about the insane popularity of the Adobe flash technology as the rich media, web video and game publishing platform. Of course, we have seen some competitor technologies such as Microsoft Silver but they could never take off to the same level. One advantage that Google Android has over the iOS is the support for the Adobe Flash. However, the performance of the Flash on this particular platform is entirely another matter. If you are also one of the frustrated Android users about the poor Flash performance on the Android then you will be excited to know Read More >

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