Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) vs Samsung Galaxy Note: Which One is Better? [A Specs Review]

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image2 | Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) vs Samsung Galaxy Note: Which One is Better? [A Specs Review]

As you might know by now already that Samsung has finally unveiled the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone powered by the Android. Device is not yet available but we thought it will fun to have a rundown of the specs, and do a nice to the point comparison with the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) – One of the most powerful and capable Android based smartphone available on the market. Its also interesting to do a comparison because there is indeed a distinct resemblance between the devices at least in terms of specs (as you will see in this review) if not in the form factor.


Main novelty of the Samsung Galaxy Note that Samsung is promoting is the gigantic screen size of 5.3-inch of the device! If you thought that 4.3-inch screen size of the original Samsung Galaxy S2 was too big then think again. Display is 1280 x 800 high resolution, and based on Super AMOLED technology. Certainly it may not be a pocketable device for some people but Samsung is apparently trying to invent some category somewhere between the current 7-inch tablets and larger than 4inch smartphones to blur the boundaries.

galaxy note1 | Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) vs Samsung Galaxy Note: Which One is Better? [A Specs Review]

CPU Specs

As for the CPU specs it frequency has been bumped on Samsung Galaxy Note to 1.4 GHz from the 1.2 GHz on the original Samsung Galaxy S2. But rest be assured that its still based on the excellent Exynos processor from Samsung itself. Although, I am not completely sure but most likely the GPU is also the same as the Galaxy S2.


Samsung Galaxy Note also has both front and rear facing camera with the 2MP and 8MP capturing capabilities with 1080p video recording capability on the rear facing camera, similar to the Samsung Galaxy SII .

galaxy noteback | Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) vs Samsung Galaxy Note: Which One is Better? [A Specs Review]

Operating System and Software

As for the OS Samsung Galaxy SII runs on the Android 2.3 as many other recent Android based devices. However, device comes with a modified version of the TouchWiz called S Pen which is reported to be optimized for the Stylus input. And if you are wondering – a Stylus is included with the device itself. Looks like the fashion in the smartphones for the stylus input is going to reborn! In fact, this is one of the primary distinguishing factors of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

Samsung has gone as far as to include a suite of apps optimized for the stylus input such as S Memo to take notes and record audio at the same time, S Planner to work as a calendar as well as a to-do list. Samsung also plans to release the S Pen SDK so that third party developers can develop their own apps using the Samsung Galaxy Note Stylus input functionality.

So far, we don’t have an official information on the price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy Note but of course it will not be cheap considering the specs! I can imagine that users will have a love or hate relationship with the device considering the radical changes in the device form factor and design.


If we compare it to the extremely popular and proven Samsung Galaxy SII (S2), it cannot be denied that the Samsung Galaxy Note has a striking resemblance to it in terms of specs and even the design. Its not loosing anything as compared to the Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) in terms of features, but in fact seems more like a beefed up Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) with a larger HD screen, higher frequency CPU, Stylus input optimized TouchWiz layer. All other features that we used to love from Samsung Galaxy SII (S2) are still there. Only thing that might go as a disadvantage for this device is its form factor. It is likely to be too large for many people to carry around on daily basis as their primary handset. On the other hand, If you can overlook this portability factor Samsung Galaxy Note is a formidable device, and is very likely the first device that will finally be able to compete and even overtake the otherwise invincible looking Samsung Galaxy SII (S2)!

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