Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE With 4.5-inch Screen & 1.5 GHz Processor to Launch in Europe in 2012 [Report]

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samsung galaxy s2 | Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE With 4.5 inch Screen & 1.5 GHz Processor to Launch in Europe in 2012 [Report]Now after such a long delay finally Samsung has launched their most popular smartphone in history to US market – the most luxurious mobile market in the world. Although US consumers had to wait more but that also means that they got the fruit in the form of the 4G edition of the phone with the beefier specs such as massive 4.5-inch display, as well as a pumped up 1.5 GHz processor. But Samsung has already announced their plans to bring the updated Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE with the 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor and a large 4.5-inch screen in all of its glory to the European market as well!

Now according to a German T-Mobile rep. Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is not going to released to the T-Mobile in this year and will be released in the second quarter of 2012. Which is certainly not a good news as we were hoping for a faster roll out of the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE in Europe. We hope that at least other markets in Europe will get it earlier then this expected released date. Although one of the reasons of the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE late release on T-Mobile is that their LTE network is yet mature enough for voice. On other hand, Samsung might also need some time for the mass shipment of the LTE edition of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S2 to the European market. Lets wait and see if Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE gets shipped in reasonable time to the Europe or we will be just waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S3 (SIII)!

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