Windows 8 Features Review in Just Few Minutes! [Video]

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Windows 8 | Windows 8 Features Review in Just Few Minutes! [Video]Yesterday, we reported about the release of developer preview of the Windows 8 Officially from Microsoft through the website download link. Included are both 32bit and 64bit versions of the Windows 8 (ISO files). If you haven’t yet grabbed your copy then do it now as the download link is now live! There are countless small and large Windows 8 features that we came to know in last couple of months and now yesterday they were demonstrated on more detail on the BUILD conference by Microsoft. This includes the all new Metro UI that seems to be specifically targeted at many upcoming Windows 8 tablets, more optimized kernel consuming much lower memory foot print and faster boot times, all new revamped Windows Explorer and Taskbar among many other features,

In case you don’t want to go into read lengthy reviews of the new features in Windows then a short video covering the key highlights will do the trick for your! I am referring to a short 8 minutes video that I spotted at LifeHacker that will give you the full scoop on features in just a few minutes of your precious time. This video is embedded below, Enjoy!

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