1000x Faster Adobe Flash Player 11 Coming to Android Next Month – Promises Console Quality Gaming!

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flash player1 | 1000x Faster Adobe Flash Player 11 Coming to Android Next Month – Promises Console Quality Gaming!There is no denial about the insane popularity of the Adobe flash technology as the rich media, web video and game publishing platform. Of course, we have seen some competitor technologies such as Microsoft Silver but they could never take off to the same level. One advantage that Google Android has over the iOS is the support for the Adobe Flash. However, the performance of the Flash on this particular platform is entirely another matter. If you are also one of the frustrated Android users about the poor Flash performance on the Android then you will be excited to know that Adobe Flash is going to get huge boost in performance in the new Flash Player 11 release next month.

In fact, Adobe is promising up to 1,000x performance boost as compared to the previous release according to the new information revealed by the company. This will be enabled using the Stage3D technology that will allow to developers to code the applications for the Android using a mix of the HTML5, Flash and the native code. Flash Player 11 will fully exploit the power of the underlying GPU to accelerate the 2D and 2D graphics. There is also a big update coming to the Adobe Air as the release version will be bumped to 3.0 now. Adobe Air 3.0 will support extensions that will allow the developers to exploit the native hardware/software features of the platform such as light sensors, vibration control, dual screen control and NFC etc.

They have also published some videos showing the features of the new Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3 and demos look good demonstrating the graphical poweress of the new Flash Player. Although I am not sure if the pure graphical muscle is at the same level as the current state of the art the can be achieved by the native Android games. But considering the overwhelming penetration of the Adobe Flash technology the games developed using this technology might have a much larger audience than the other technologies. In fact, Adobe is targeting the game development so much with this upcoming release that they call it the “the next generation console for the web”. But for that to be true (or false) we will have to wait and see until the October (next month).

You can see some of the videos and promotional material published by Adobe below about the Adobe Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3:



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